Princess - Bladder Sludge and UTI

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Post   » Fri Oct 08, 2004 10:04 am

I am asking if Becky can post a list of what she's feeding, specifically. I am interested in seeing it.

That way I can compare it to what I'm feeding. I find looking at the chart a bit overwhelming.

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Post   » Fri Oct 08, 2004 10:08 am

Never mind...I see her list.


Post   » Fri Oct 08, 2004 11:32 am

The Ca:Ph ratio isn't just for stones. All pigs should have as favorable a ratio as possible.

That's why my entire herd is eating on the new diet.

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Post   » Fri Oct 08, 2004 11:41 am

ChadWPB, how is your piggy now?

I will have to print out this CA:Ph list. My girl was just diagnosed with stones today and the vet is attempting to remove them through her urethera in a couple hours. (I resurected an old post titled "ovarian cysts" with more details.

Take care,


Post   » Fri Oct 08, 2004 11:43 am

I updated just last night. She's doing well.


Post   » Tue Feb 22, 2005 9:14 pm

Princess must love our vet. She's always going back to see him.

Since our trip to NYC in November, she was slowly losing weight. One-half ounce every week. She also started rumbling a bit more and even occasionally tried to mount Snuggles, her neutered boar friend. She's always been the boss, a very dominant little sow. But the weight loss prompted me to see the vet on Feb. 12th. She dropped from 2lbs. 7oz. to 2lbs. 3oz. in a 10-week period.

She was examined and palpated. We were originally thinking teeth, but she settled down with her buddy Marilyn and started eating some KM's bluegrass we took with us for the trip. She ate it without any problems. She never labored to eat at all.

So, with all the symptoms she did display, we thought it was ovarian cysts. I asked Dr. Rupp why cysts would cause a slow loss of weight. He explained that the cysts might be pressing up against the stomach or intestine, causing Princess to feel fuller sooner. I did recall that Princess would eat for short periods, taking frequent breaks or just being first to leave the veggie table.

Since doing an ultrasound meant bringing a tech in, and costing $150, Dr. Rupp decided to use two hCG injections as a diagnostic tool (only $32), since Princess, though skinnier, was otherwise energetic and bossy. The hCG injections would shrink the cysts, back up his diagnosis, and allow Princess to eat better and gain some weight prior to an eventual spay.

The hCG worked almost immediately. The humping and rumbling stopped after a day or two and the weight loss stopped, and she started gaining. On Feb. 12th, she was weighed in at 968 grams, tonight she was 1,017 grams.

We have scheduled her spay for March 15th. The Ides of March.

We brought Marilyn as company for both visits. She seems to really like Dr. Rupp. She also peed on me, and we discovered crystals on my dark shirt. Another sludge pig.

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Post   » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:05 pm

Wow. Good luck with the spay. How nervous-making.


Post   » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:09 pm

Thanks Snowflakey.

Funny thing is, BoC and I discussed getting our sows spayed to avoid the cyst problem entirely, but that was before our pig problems started in the middle of last year.

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Post   » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:34 pm

Good luck!

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Post   » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:49 pm

It was definitely grit that Marilyn left behind, not a fine powder?

Good luck with P's spay!


Post   » Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:01 pm

It was gritty, like salt crystals. I let Dr. Rupp have a good look, too.

I remember the chalk dust. Fuzzie used to leave a lot of that behind when he was younger.

Thanks to all for their well wishes!

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Post   » Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:52 pm

My Snowflake lost a few ounces when she was her most pmsy too. I wish you the best (surgery is always nerve wracking, as you well know).


Post   » Tue Mar 08, 2005 9:41 pm

Princess doesn't love our vet anymore. Today, we found out he moved to Maryland, just one week before the appointment.

Luckily, I have a good backup vet, Dr. Kelleher. If you remember, she performed the neuter on Snuggles and Amee's spay. We got an appointment for the very same day.

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Post   » Tue Mar 08, 2005 10:08 pm

So glad to know you have a backup vet. It would be really depressing to find there were none.


Post   » Tue Mar 08, 2005 10:10 pm

I was quite angry that he didn't inform us sooner. After all, he advised us to make the appointment in three weeks when we last saw him two weeks ago. Not to mention that Marilyn is disappointed. He had a special bond with her.

At least everything goes off as scheduled.


Post   » Tue Mar 15, 2005 2:47 pm

Princess is at the vet right now for her spay. She's in good hands and we pick her up this evening. She will be coming home with Metacam (we asked for it by name). BoC cried before she was taken in for admitting.

We already have the hospital cage set up. It's a small pet store cage, but is perfectly sized for a recovering smallish sow.

Dr. Kelleher usually keeps the spay patients overnight, but she is confident in our experience to pick her up tonight. Princess is her first surgery of the afternoon.

She was quite impressed with the KM's bluegrass that we brought for Princess. She'll probably be ordering some shortly.

Updates as soon as we know anything.

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Post   » Tue Mar 15, 2005 2:52 pm

Oh, good wishes for Princess! Thanks for the update, and I'll be checking back. I hope everything is uneventful.


Post   » Tue Mar 15, 2005 4:14 pm

The vet's office just called. Princess is fine and resting comfortably! We are picking our little girlie shortly.

We now have three spayed sows out of four.

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Post   » Tue Mar 15, 2005 4:38 pm

Glad she's alright. My vet called and my Caramel is doing fine, too. I pick her up at four.

Chad, have all three been spayed for reproductive problems?


Post   » Tue Mar 15, 2005 5:05 pm

Callie was spayed for ovarian follicles, Amee was spayed merely in order to live with unaltered Fuzzie. She was 8 months old at the time and my vet considered her an ideal candidate for the "preventive" spay (my vet has done lots of successful spays and is very confident).

Two out of three pigs were spayed medicinally.

I'm quite happy to hear Caramel is OK. Hopefully her recovery is quick and easy.

Since we're picking Princes at 7 EST, we'll be picking up our spay patients at the same time.

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