Weight During Pregnancy

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Post   » Sat Mar 09, 2002 1:52 am

I was just wondering how much weight is normal for a pregnant pig to gain?? Betsy is VERY pregnant and in 2 weeks she has gained from 2 pounds 4 ounces to 2 pounds 11 ounces. Is she gaining too much weight or is this normal?? And is it also normal for her to gain so much so fast? Thanks in advance :D


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Post   » Sat Mar 09, 2002 8:57 am

I don´t really know what is normal, but I´m sure one or two people who have had pregnant pigs will comment. I do know if we humans experienced that kind of proportional weight gain, there´d be a whole lot fewer of us on the planet.


Post   » Sat Mar 09, 2002 11:51 am

I´ve not had that many pregnancies, but from what I understand, it really depends onthe number of babies. She could have anywhere from 1 to 7 babies. The higher the number, the higher the weight gain. It is normal for her to be looking like a dinner plate with eyes, though. With larger litters, at the end, the belly is dragging on the floor as they walk.

I´ll try finding a few pictures.


Post   » Sat Mar 09, 2002 12:30 pm

This is a picture from cmtigger (I hope she doesn´t mind). I ran a search on CG.

A few more pictures I found here and there.


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Post   » Sat Mar 09, 2002 3:33 pm

I bought a pregnant sow and she gained 3 and a half ounces to 4 ounces per week for the last month she was pregnant and she had 4 babies. After she had her babies I weighed her again and she lost 1 pound. That is my experience with pregnancy with Guinea Pigs.

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Post   » Sat Mar 09, 2002 5:38 pm

From what I have seen they do gain a lot of weight- remember that they have several pups- and those pups are actually pretty big compared to an adult guinea pig.

That´s a picture of Sugar, she later delivered 3 pups- two were dead when I got home, but I still have her, and the one pup who survived. I´d send a picture of one of my very pregnant sows who I have now, but my computer was down, and I need to find some software to install.

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