How do you go on vacation?

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Post   » Mon Aug 22, 2005 11:27 pm

What I do is leave the an emergency list with the pigs' and cat's vet numbers, the number of where I'll be, and the URL to Guinea Lynx in case of trouble. Then, I print out the care pamphlet to put with it.

As for veggies, I buy Ziplock bags and the day before I leave for vacation, I make up a bunch of little bags of salad for the piggies. I figure that makes it easier for the pig-sitter to see what their daily routine is, how much they eat and what the variety of veggies looks like. Even if you can't do up enough baggies for the entire time you're away, it sort of starts the routine. Then, I'd leave a few bucks so the sitter can do a veggie-run when the baggies are used up.

I've done it this way the last two times we went away (two different pet sitters even) and it seemed to work great. They both laughed at the crisper full of little salads in baggies with the pigs' names marked on each one! :)

Of course I still worry about my piggies while I'm gone, but at least I know they're being fed well!

So, enjoy your holiday! :)

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Post   » Tue Aug 23, 2005 9:42 am

Can piggies be fed to MANY veggies? I will make up some baggies, but being gone 11 days, I don't think veggies will last that long.

I think, like what you said, if I make a few, then she'll get the general idea of how much she should continue to feed.

If they don't NEED veggies, then apparently they can't be fed too few of them. But where else would they get their vit. C? I am feeding Kleenmama's new timothy pellets, do they have the required vit. C?

I have my mom on "stand-by". She works at the grocery store near me, so I'll leave her some money, and she'll bring some veggies to the house half way through our trip. This should also insure we have some when we get back! I hate to come home to an empty fridge!

I'll start on my "daily list" today. I actually think I'll print out a list for each day, since it will change slightly from day to day.

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