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briana d

Post   » Wed Jul 31, 2002 4:19 pm

My 2-3 year old male cavy had lost 4ozs in a week so it was off to the vet. My regular vet Dr. Murray was not in so I had to see the other vet that works there. She examined him and when pressing on his belly she said that he had gas. She told me to go purchase some Simethicone at a local drug store and she gave me some antibiotics but I don´t have the name of it with me right now. They vet tech gave my pig some simethicone before we left and when I brought him back to work with me he seemed to chow down on his pellets and hay. Which lead me to believe that the simethicone worked.

I did a search on simethicone to see who else had used it and so see how effective/safe it is. I noticed in that search that there was a lot of mention on bloat. I was just wondering if anyone could explain what I could notice if it was just gas or bloat. Also, do you think simethicone is a good drug to use for gas in pigs?

Since Monday he has put on a little over 2ozs. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Post   » Wed Jul 31, 2002 8:46 pm

I think JudiL in DC uses it -- and other people too. It should be safe. But for a pig with bloat, it may not be a cure at all but make a person delay treatment (it depends on what is causing the bloat and the severity).

You could do a search on the med forums for info on bloat. The stomache would feel firm, I am guessing the pig would look bloated. A blockage, slowing down of the food moving through the intestines combined with a build up of gases, any of a variety of things could cause it. I don´t think it is very common but guinea pig caretakers should be aware of it.

In cases of bloat, see a vet to determine what´s wrong.


Post   » Wed Jul 31, 2002 8:52 pm

Reglan is the standard for getting the gut moving. Simethicone is safe. Beano is also useful for cutting down on gas. We found 3 drops twice a day reduced gas quite a bit.

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