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Post   » Fri Aug 30, 2002 10:16 pm

My two female pigs, Mercury and Neptune who are both about three years old, don´t seem to be taking too kindly to the introduction of my new pig, Venus, who I bought yesterday and is just six weeks old. On initial introduction the two older pigs appeared curious and were sniffing around Venus and impressions were good. However, soon afterwards things went downhill, as both of the older pigs started nipping at the young one and chasing her a way from food etc. I know that this may well be normal behaviour in terms of establishing a pecking order etc., but I feel that the age of the newcomer warrants some intervention here. She is too young and nervous to be bossed about and deprived of food like this.

The situation is currently - the two older pigs as normal in their large cage, and Venus in a small carry cage within the large cage. They are in close proximity so that they can get used to each other, but have seperate food and drinks bottles. The plan is to get them used to each other (and Venus used to me at least) and supervising them when I let them out together.

Is this a good plan? And also, if anyone else has any experience with having older female pigs and introducing a younger female pig and how to go about it then I would be glad to hear any advice.



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Post   » Fri Aug 30, 2002 10:36 pm

YIKES! I just noticed that you just bought the new pig. You should quarantine her for at least 2 weeks!! Do a search on "quarantine."

THEN introduce!

I have intorduced several young sows into my herd of Divas. It is best to introduce them in a NEUTRAL area. Not in the cage! This is what has worked for me: I use a large floor area (at least 8´X8´) and enclose it with some sort of a grid wall. We are big on Creative Cubes areund here. Go to to see what I mean. Anyway, I then put in seveal houses and hidey places. It´s a good idea to put in a small hidey that the little one can get into, but the big ones can´t. Then I put in LOTS of my Diva´s faborite foods! Then, I put in the little one, who usually goes right for cover! THEN I put in the big pigs. They are usually so interested by all the food and the nifty set-up that they are a little distracted. Then, one by one, the big pigs "discover" the baby. Some will spend more time checking her out than others. I usually let this go on for over an hour before I put them in the cage together. Any time I introduce a new pig, it disturbs all the others for awhile and they need to remind each oither who is the boss. I have done this many times and had great success.

Also, try doing a search on "introductions" there has been a lot posted about this subject. Good luck.

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