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I think it would be a good idea to get the skinny pig data all in one place. Sex, age, colouring, health issues.

Even if your skinny has died - please post age at death and presumed cause of death or what lead to death.

Bliss 2.5 years, female himi colouring, tons of moles.
Assumed hyperthryroid
T-4 AFTER being on tapazole - 16(Can. T-4)
Assumed heart issues - on Fortekor
Has had 3 moles removed. One was tested at lab - basal carcinoma.

Heart 2.75 years, female lilac colouring.
T-4 - 28 (Can. T-4)
Assumed heart issues - on Fortekor
has had 2 moles removed. One was sent to lab - pre melanoma.
Slight chronic incontinence.

Gretchen 2.25 years, female TSW colouring.
T-4 - 24 (Can. T-4)
Assumed heart issues - on Fortekor

All three get low level light laser treatments to boost the immune system every three weeks.

I am particularly interested in T-4 counts of both Skinnies and regular pigs. There are no norms established so the more T-4 counts recorded, the closer we'll get to finding out what is normal.

I am wondering if the extremely fast metabolism rate of skinnies might actually be inherent hyperthyroidism. To find out we need to know what the normal T-4 count would be.

So if anyone has the opportunity to get a T-4 count done on any pig - please post results here.


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Shiraz - chocolate satin sow
T-4 - 30 (Can. ) at 1 year - 30 (Can. ) AFTER she went on Tapazole - 23. AFTER taking her off Tapazole - 30. Died from complications of Paget's Disease at 18 months

Bloom - red and white abby sow
T-4 - 44 (Can. ) AFTER tapazole - 19. Lived to about 5 years. Died of a cyst on the liver

Beachez - brown and white american sow
T-4 - 15 (Can. ) Lived to 7 1/5 years

Fanny - TSW american sow
T-4 - 23 (Can. ) at 1 year 5 months. Died at 5 1/4 years of complications from assumed hyperthyroidism. Classic indications of the disease relieved by Tapazole. We didn't get a second thyroid count.

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Herbie - TSW Skinny
Born 4/29/05, Died late June '05
Death believed to be heart related
Sorry, no T4 count

Moby - black/white american boar
Born 6/01/2001, he is 4 years 9 months old
T4 counts as follows:
5/05: 3.29 (US)
8/05: 3.1 (after 1/4 5 mg tapozole tablet daily)
12/05: 6.? (dosage doubled after this test)
1/06: 5.3 (after test dosage increased to .75 daily, .25 in morning, .5 in evening)


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With cats, hyperthyroidism often results in heart issues. I'm wondering if the heart issues that seem so common in skinny pigs are actually a symptom of hyperthyroidism.

Is Moby on any heart meds?

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Moby is a skinny?!?


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Oh good point - no mention of him being a skinny. I'll just have to read more carefully.

However, hyperthyroidism can result in heart issues in cats and our regular american sow with hyperthyroidism was on heart meds before she was on hyperthyroid meds. So the question is still valid: Is Moby on heart meds?

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We'll have to see if we can get her back, Allysse is hiding! But she hasn't mentioned that he has a bad heart when we've talked about him.

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No, Moby isn't on any heart meds, but I'm tempted to try new things because his weight and T4 levels have never been very satisfactory with just the tapazole treatment.


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Hyperthyroid animals are revved up - everything is working too fast, including the heart which is why heart becomes an issue with hyperthyroid animals.

She might not know he has a bad heart and without Tapazole, he might have already died of a heart attack. Conjecture, I know but it is logical.

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It makes sense. I'm curious to see if Moby would improve on heart meds. I think I'll call the vet tomorrow.


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Try to get him on Fortekor.

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Is that Benazepril?


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OK, I was just trying to remember; that is what I'm using with Ferdinand.

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Paul, 4 years, TSW Skinny boar
T-4 22.4 nmol/L
Assumed heart condition - on Fortekor

Maggie, 5.5 years, Self Black American sow
T-4 with thyroid gland tumour - 81.1 nmol/L
T-4 4 months after removal of thyroid gland tumour - 6.5 nmol/L
Diagnosed arrythmia and heart murmer - on Fortekor and Lasix


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More on Heart (2.75 years, female lilac colouring)

I noticed Heart was hopping and not changing her hunched posture. She was walking normally the next day. Indications of arthritis. An xray revealed sclerosis(?) in the lower lumbar region and a couple of collapsed disks in the upper. The vet was really surprised at the xray. She'd expect that kind of thing in a senior pig and Heart is still relatively young.

Could also explain her incontinence. Sunday, when she was hopping she was very leaky. Monday, when she walked normally, she was dry. Could be it hurts on a bad back day to tense the muscles to keep the pee in.

She's going on 1 mg Rimadyl once a day.

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Putting this info here too (I believe it is on the heart thread as well):

Ferdinand is a ten-month-old skinny pig (born 16 June 2005), who began very slowly but steadily losing weight at about six months of age. He was up to 1.9 lbs (863 g) before he started losing weight. About this time, he got bit on the back and developed an abcess. His lowest weight was on 12/01/05, at 1.435 lbs (652 g). I was handfeeding and so on, and managed to mostly hold his weight steady for a week or two, when I finally got the vet talked into heart meds. He immediately bounced up to 1.65 lbs (750 g) and held there for a while, but has slowly been gaining since. Damn bugger is starting to look pudgy! As of yesterday, he has crossed 2.2 lbs (1000g). He was in at the vet again for a foot injury (he has managed to dislocate a toe, but no bones were broken), and we have had to adjust his heart meds due to the weight gain.

He was on 0.7 mg/day of benazepril, it has been upped to 1.0 mg/day of the benazepril.

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Little Lamb was born at the end of April 2005. She weighs 2 pounds 3 ounces (still gaining weekly) and hasn't shown any signs of heart problems or other issues. She does have four nipples, however.

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Is Little Lamb a skinny?

Knee Deep

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Yes, isn't that what the thread is for?

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