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Bad/dangerous guinea pig supplies sold by pet stores
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2/2/2003, 4:38 pm
Evangeline   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Queen of the Damned

Lynx, is there an info page on that? I couldn't find anything, but maybe I'm just not looking at the right place.

It seems we discuss that constantly with new members who bought starter kits from pet stores and it would be nice to have something to refer to.

For example
-mot pet store cages, especially the ones with wire bottoms
-balls to put the pig in
-salt blocks
-pellets sold in bulk, or with seeds/nuts/colorful bits

I'm sure we could think of several other things.
2/2/2003, 4:40 pm
Paravati   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Cavy Love Forever!

I GAVE, dammit!

Dritail, vitamin c (with other) vitamin drops, yogurt-based vitamin c pills, and bad OTC medicines..
2/2/2003, 5:11 pm
RavenShade   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  

Thanks for the Memories

corn cob bedding, some of their books/handouts on pig care
2/2/2003, 5:42 pm
Laura823   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  

Cedar and non-kiln-dried pine bedding, most treats, harnesses/leashes (are these unsafe - or do they just not work very well?)
2/2/2003, 6:35 pm
Lynx   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Heartless Dictator

They are all touched on, on the healthycavy page.
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