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Shelter pigs w/ringworm
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1/24/2005, 9:32 pm
sosumi   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  

Just so I am clear on this, exactly what is the dose & frequency of using Program for fungus?

I have already gave the girls a bath with Nizoral shampoo and used a bit of monistat cream on the visible sores. There is one small spot on Cocoa's shoulders and a few tiny spots on her groin. Penelope does not show any symptoms, but they are cage mates. Cocoa's hair is visibly thinning, but no other sores.

We just ordered Program (oral suspension) for cats 11-20 lbs. I will get their exact weights, but if I remember correctly from Saturday's weigh-in Cocoa is just about 1060 g and Penelope is around 1100 g.

I understand the concentration is key here, and I hope the package gives that in the fine print. If not, I guess I should use the figures Charybdis gave of 90 mg/ml?

So, Cocoa (my 1060 g pig) should get 0.3 ml of the oral suspension mixed with about 1 ml of flax seed oil. I give this orally. Should I also make sure she has food in her stomach, such as her favorite veges?

Should I use the same dose for Penelope, my other pig who is a bit heavier?

Also, when should I repeat this. In 30 days? Just two doses total?

Thanks, I want to make sure to get this right.
1/25/2005, 10:06 am
Lynx   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Heartless Dictator

See the product for frequency recommendations. See dose here:
1/25/2005, 3:15 pm
sosumi   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  

Thanks Lynx. I have been to that page and I am still confused. In fact, that page in the medical info links to this thread, which is why I posted in this thread.

Since the package of Program I am buying is for a cat, will the frequency be the same as it is for a pig? The link you sent me to states the dose will "vary from 30mg/kg to 45mg/kg to 90 mg/kg." I am not sure exactly how to interpret that for a pig; which is it?
1/25/2005, 3:28 pm
HollyT   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Vegetable Breath

Get on your bike.

Those are the ranges for pigs. My pig was dosed at 90mg/kg. He was given another dose in 14 days. Also, the flax oil is considered the 'fatty meal' and will suffice.
1/25/2005, 4:44 pm
Lynx   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Heartless Dictator

It's relatively safe, as far as I've heard. Since the higher dose may be more effective, I listed it. Up to you what you use.
3/1/2013, 3:30 pm
Alex224   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  

The only Program for cats that I can find comes flavored like tuna or chicken. This sounds like it could be bad for my two boys who I will be treating. Please let me know if I should stay away and treat them with creams and shampoos only.
3/1/2013, 4:30 pm
jacqueline   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  

Just as a related question - how do you know that the ringworm is gone?
3/1/2013, 4:45 pm
bpatters   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Seen it All

And got the T-shirt

The hair starts growing back.
3/2/2013, 12:26 am
wheekers328   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  

I just wanted to comment on the air borne factor. If the pigs are in a very small room with the rabbits and its on the warmer side it can potentially be spread that way. I seriously doubt it though.

Where I work we keep sick animals in our isolation room, we had 3 ringworm piggies no one else in the room was infected. Temps in that room are kept at about 75 Degrees Fahrenheit so its pretty warm.
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