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Post   » Wed May 02, 2007 2:52 am

Hey everyone.
I took another one of our girls, Lilly, to the vet Tuesday. The vet confirmed my suspicions of CL with her, thanks for all the info posted here allowing me to go in fully armed with that information. She is quarantined from the others and seems happy and otherwise healthy.
Lilly was another rescue for us. All of our many and various companions are. Lilly was deemed unadoptable and discussion of euthanization was there. I snatched her up and brought her home. She was such a thin shy thing when I brought her home. A few days later I discovered the first cyst under her chin. It was lanced, drained, treated (Baytril)and I flushed it until healed. I figured we were in the clear. The day Callie passed I discovered another cyst on Lilly.
As of the visit to the vet she has 4 confirmed cysts around her neck. He verified that all were cysts so we are tumor free. He lanced one, doesn't want to lance all at the same time for fear of a bigger problem and we changed her ab to Bactrim. His hope is that the ab will shrink some down. I will take her back in about a week for a follow up and to make sure that we are on the right track.
The bright side to this is that she is growing, shows no heart problems- x-rays looked good, and that she is still popcorning, meeping, protesting the meds and eating like the food is going to run away.
So anyone else have a major cyst issue with their baby? I know that one usually pops up with CL but several all in the same area side by side?

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Post   » Wed May 02, 2007 9:25 am

Was the CL diagnosis confirmed with a culture?

If so, it's highly contagious to your other pigs. Once lansed, the CL can be airborne.

How old is she?


Post   » Wed May 02, 2007 1:36 pm

Yes, it was confirmed with a culture.
The vet noted that it was very contagious to the other pigs and recommended full quarintine. That has been done.
I'm not positive of her age, I'm thinking that she was born in Jan. She was delivered to store for sale late Feb/early March. Within days she was ill and being treated for resp infection with Baytril.
She was on Baytril for a little over 2 weeks before she was cleared by the vet. While awaiting adoption she became ill again and was retreated for another 10 days. She was off Baytril for about a week when the discussion to euthanize began.
Ya see, she's deaf in one ear and believed to be blind in one eye. Finding homes for special need piggies is difficult at best.
So it will become airborne?? Is that if it's still draining puss or just that it's been lanced? She is puss free where he lanced and I am flushing it two to three times daily. We still have the other cysts though. Hmmmm....
Should I call and demand ab for the other girls as well?

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Post   » Wed May 02, 2007 7:37 pm

If she was born in January then Baytril is not the best antibiotic for a young pig. But the culture will tell you whether another antibiotic will work.

Is she quarantined in a separate room, behind closed doors?


Post   » Sat May 26, 2007 5:51 pm

It's now the 26th of May and we are still dealing with the cyst issue.
Lilly's shrank and all was looking very promising. We were told to stay with the Bactrim doses and watch for the remaining 2 to shrink away. I spoke with another vet (certified cavy savy) via email whose located over an hour away and was reassured that all was being done as it should. That due to the location he wouldn't operate or lance either.
Now it's more complicated. 2 other girls have cysts now as well. They were started on the Bactrim last week and I'm wondering how on earth this happened. I separated them asap, even moved Lilly to my room and was super careful making sure that I washed my hands and changed my shirt before handling the other girls (i know a little oc there), but I wanted them all to be happy healthy and together again.
So I now have 3 in quarantine being treated with Bactrim and watched carefully. I spend my days dosing ab, probiotics, and applying cream to Elsie's new found scratching place. I have treated everyone for mites so I am positive that we are safe there and the scratching isn't mite related. All this in addition to making piggy floor time happen without infecting the other 2 healthy girls in the house.
How long is safe for these girls to be on Bactrim?
Should I cave and bring out the big guns, ie Baytril?

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Post   » Sat May 26, 2007 10:50 pm

It does sound like cervical lymphadenitis. Can be hard to get rid of:


Post   » Fri Sep 07, 2007 12:10 am

Hi Everyone!
I need some much needed advice, support, sanity at this point.

Lilly is still battling CL.

We have had this poor baby on antibiotics for a long time now.

We had it all cleared up in June, she was fine until mid July and then WHAM! 3 popped up overnight. I separated her, again, and started the Bactrim protocol. Took her to see the vet again and once again he refused to remove them encapsulated due to the location. A week or so later one ruptured on it's own and I took her back in for the remaining two. They were lanced and cultured once again. We adjusted the dose of Bactrim for weight (a gain thankfully).

She has been in quarantine since July. Every time I think we have it under control there is another cyst. I've done everything listed on the site and everything recommended by the vet as well. Still battling.
She is still on Bactrim, I cannot convince the vet to prescribe Baytril. He insists that this is the only antibiotic for this strain of infection, but I am really having doubts. It just isn't ending the cysts and I want her well.
I'm honestly thinking we need to do the unthinkable and have her euthanized.
She is in my bedroom all alone. She is eating and has maintained her weight, but not gaining much anymore at all. She's small, and I know it's from all the months of antibiotics. Today during floor time I noticed another cyst, in addition to the 3 she already had.
My children think me a cruel person, my Husband just stares at me blankly and mumbles something about "seeing my point but.... "

Advice? Am I cruel for even thinking it? Recommendations from those that maybe have dealt with this.


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Post   » Fri Sep 07, 2007 12:30 am

I'm sorry. I think usually Baytril or other meds are used more commonly. Only you know what is best for your pet.

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Post   » Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:36 am

I'm sorry she is not clearing up. It sounds like you are having a difficult time.

Bactrim is a very well tolerated antibiotic. Perhaps another culture (at a time when your guinea pig is between medications) could turn up a reasonable alternative medication but some will affect appetite.

Is she cheerful? Does she seem to be enjoying life? You could have a talk with your vet about your frustrations. If your vet has access to , maybe another vet has advice to offer.

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Post   » Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:20 am

She is still on Bactrim, I cannot convince the vet to prescribe Baytril. He insists that this is the only antibiotic for this strain of infection,
Ask for a copy of the culture and sensitivity.

She may need chloremphenicol.

How much does she weigh now?


Post   » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:03 pm

She seems depressed actually. Or maybe it's just me and my own insecurities over the whole situation. I hate having her all alone. She isn't her previous popcorning self.
She is eating well; screams for her veggies daily. She can hear a bag rustling or the fridge door open from down the hall. She eats in her pigloo a lot more now, and she is showing true fear of "the hand" which she didn't do before.
She just isn't into play and cuddle and I'm worried that this is all her life is going to be now. Me panicking I suppose after months upon months of trying to cure her without any results.
Oh yeah her weight, about 726 grams or 1 pound 6 oz if my conversions are correct. She was last weighed Monday morning. No gain in 5 weeks, just maintaining the weight.
I just don't want to be a cruel piggie Mom.


Post   » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:40 pm

I am just trowing ideas out there. I might be crazy...
But maybe for the loneliness...
Some people who own birds put mirrors to keep their birds entertained.
Maybe a piggie mirror? I guess it could give her some intellectual challenge for a couple of day, figuring out who is that pig there who won't talk to her?
Being a caretaker is really hard. You're no longer fun and nice, your The One Who Hurts.
Maybe you could ask your kids or husband to be The Nice Cop? She could get nice human contact from someone who gives her treats? It is sad for you, but might be nice for her moral.
I know it is bad for piggies to eat these things cause they are too fat, but when my pigs got sick from a cold, I gave them unsalted sunflowers seeds, peanuts (unsalted), bananas, avocados and stuff like. I know, I know, people may be mad at me and yell for giving that idea, but my pigs love sunflower seeds and bananas and it kept them chubby and nice when they didn't want to eat as much as usual (I could not convince myself to force feed them). Could help gaining weight and give a little intellectual challenge, wondering what is new in her food?
I might be totally wrong. I am just throwing ideas out there. I am no expert and have only 2 pigs, my first and only.

Keep your head up. There might be hope. She is not in constant pain, we'll find idea to give her a little joy between the hated treatments.



PS: it is really funny to see a pig eat banana, it makes the weirdest noise.

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Post   » Fri Sep 07, 2007 7:19 pm

Ditto Mum. A different AB, or combination of AB's, may be what's needed.

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