Will someone please adopt my girls?

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 7:14 am

I'm leaving for a week long vacation next Thursday and I'm stressing out something horrible.

Number one, I despise flying.

Number two, I'm so worried about my animals that I can't sleep. I'm having all sorts of horrible dreams and worrying myself sick.

I know that it's silly to obsess so much and everything will be fine, but I can't help it.

Yesterday morning I woke up after another horrible plane crash dream and although deep down I know my plane won't crash, I kept thinking, "What if my plane really did crash? Who would look after my animals?"

My dogs would be o.k. I called my friend yesterday after said dream and asked her to look after my dogs and to make sure they stayed together if something were to ever happen to me. She promised she would.

I then asked her to come to this site(if I croaked) to find someone on here, who knows guinea pigs well, to look after my three girls.

I would not want them to be separated and there's no one I know in my "real" life with cavy knowledge or who would be prepared to take in three guinea pigs.

So, if I croak guys, will someone please keep my girls together and either adopt them or find them a home with someone who will love them and know how to care for them?

Please don't laugh at me. I'm really a fairly well adjusted human being and I know it's pretty crazy to be thinking this way. I just love them so much and it just kills me to think of them being unhappy, and it's this little niggling worry that I can't get out of my mind.

So there you have it.

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one pig at a time.

Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:23 am

Topaz, honey, breathe. You are going to be fine! You are going on vacation, a well deserved vacation. one that you are supposed to have fun at. I can tell you are obviously scared and worried, and I do know you are a "normal" person who is just thinking worst case, but please don't think like that. I know it is always hard to leave the little critters behind. I called our pet sitter twice a day when I went to Disney World, not even to mention the long list I left her of how to take care of them. I did worry about them, and thought about them all of them time, but I also tried to have the best possible time that I could---for my family, especially my kids. You can do this!

If for whatever reason, something were to happen to you (which it is NOT), and no one else offers to take the girls from this forum, I PROMISE I will go up there and rescue them. They will not go to a shelter, or not have no one to love them, or properly take care of them, they will become part of the WEAVER's. I really do mean this, I will go get them. So please, try and relax, and have fun on this vacation. Your girls are going to be fine and are going to be looking forward to their mommy coming back home.

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:27 am

Hey, last year in Disneyland I had a dream that we brought the guinea pigs with us and hadn't unpacked them or fed them yet, that was on day 10. :(

You'll be fine. It happens to the best of us. Have a great time!

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 9:17 am

Oh thank you so much for responding you guys. I've been obsessing since my post this morning and fearing everyone would think I was crazy and no one would respond.

Whittibo, I can totally imagine how you were feeling after that dream. I actually woke up from one of mine crying, which I haven't done in forever.

Weaver, I feel so so much better hearing you say that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't think of a better home for my girls. Plus, I know there'd be some really great photos of them! :D

I know my fears are somewhat irrational. I know we will fly to Florida and have a nice vacation. I know the chances of the plane crashing are slim to none. And I know that once I actually arrive there, I'll have a nice time.

I'm just such a homebody and am the sole provider and caretaker of my animals, and then after my bad dreams, the "what ifs"struck me and I couldn't help picturing the worst. And worrying. And I needed reassurance, which I got.

You guys are the best.

Breathing and chanting....ommm.....ommm....

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 9:30 am

I was just over on cavy chat and noticed a couple of you gals do the carefresh as opposed to fleece if you're away.

I had planned on sticking with the fleece as usual(hadn't even considered carefresh) on the main first floor, with lots of fleece pads that the petsitter can replace once a day in the evening. I've kind of been experimenting with this and it seems to be o.k. for a week this way. Then I had planned on doing carefresh up in the loft, where they poop and peep the most, and she would change and replace that once every other day.

Now I'm wondering if I should just go the carefresh route for the whole cage? If so, I should probably do some carefresh practice runs, yes?

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 9:43 am

Using a disposable bedding is sooo much easier while you are away. It makes it less hastle for your petsitter as well. I don't think you need to "waste" it trying it out. It will last for a week and your girls will be cleaner and dryer than on the fleece. Have your petsitter fluff the Carefresh every few days so it dries out better. I just use hidey houese and such while we are away so there is no dirty laundry hanging around while we are gone. The pigs are not the happiest, but they quickly are very forgiving when you return (which you will return home :)

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 9:54 am

Hehe. Just please keep telling me that Weaver. And I'll keep telling myself. I will return home, I will return home....

Under the carefresh do you just do newspapers? Anything else under the carefresh? I'd be nervous to use puppy pads as they might chew those. No blankies in the hideys?? No cozysaks or cuddlecups??

My poor poor girls.

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one pig at a time.

Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 10:47 am

I just use newspaper under it. I don't even use Carefresh (my cage is just to big and it would be VERY expensive), I use shavings and they are always fine. When we went to Flordia a few weeks ago we had them in the shavings the day before we left, we were gone for seven days, and they stayed in them a day after we got home. Now that is what..nine days? They were still pretty clean and did not smell. The petsitter did need to clean and dump the kitchen areas, but the actual cage was fine.

I know it sounds mean seeing we have them so spoiled with all of their blankies, cups, and such, but with shavings or Carefresh that stuff sticks to the beds and makes them stay wet and become dirty quickly. They are going to be more comfortable in the long run with houses. They will be fine, you will be fine *patting your back*, all is going to be ok.

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 11:01 am

I would go with Carefresh for SURE!

A couple years ago we used towels and had a sitter, it was hard for her. She had to change the towels every other day and wash them too. Last year we switched to Carefresh, it only had to be changed once in the 12 days we were gone.

Now I have each piggy in their own cage and I only have to change the carefresh every two weeks. Makes it MUCH EASIER!

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 12:02 pm

Hey Topaz, are we still breathing and chanting dearie?
It is all going to be alright, don’t worry, think positive thoughts and we are all here.
I second with what Weaver and Whittibo say about disposable bedding while you are away.

As you can see from our chronicles, we always house them Carefesh while we are away.
As much as they LOVE fleece, I dread the idea coming home to piled up pig laundry when there are other things piled up in the house that needs attention too.
So I give myself a break by using disposable bedding that can be rolled up and thrown away.

Here is what I do.
I always house them on fleece the day before I leave.
This gives you the chance to wash their fleece - clean fleece to come home to.
Remember, the whole point is to make your life easier when you return safely, and you WILL!
This also gives your pigs a day in advance to get used to idea to Carefresh! McMac needs a day to adjust to any new changes in the cages.
Like Weaver said, in the long term, they will start to associate Crefresh with you being away.
The reason I ca't use shavings alone is because I came home to a houseful o shaving 2 summer ago...
Meimei and Mojo are my runners in the cage, and when they run, the shavings fly!

A thick layer of newspaper on the bottom, lay this throughout the entire cage.
I follow it up with a layer shaving, pack it down really good.
Then a layer of Carefresh.
I do this to cut the Carefreh cost into ½, and not have a houseful of shavings.

When I come home, I roll up the entire bedding by the newspaper on the bottom.
Spray and wipe down the entire cage with vinegar solution.
Then take your clean fleece and replace.
Kisses and hugs the pigs.
And run your errands that need to be taken of…

You will be fine Topaz, and I can’t wait to see your holiday pictures.
Have fun, be safe, and you piggies will be missing their mama. 

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 12:32 pm

Yes, what Momo said, only house them on CAREFRESH the day before you leave, not fleece.


Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 1:38 pm

Just to add that I totally understand where you are coming from. You're not crazy.
Remember, positive thoughts all the way - and enjoy your holiday. Focus on the fabulous day you'll have when you get back, spoiling those pigs rotten with extra hugs, floor time and veggies. And of course catching up here!

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 2:24 pm

Yep, I am with you too. Sometimes I feel like no one around us would love our pigs like we do, and care for them properly. Relatives just don't understand the fresh veggies twice daily thing ( or apon demand , ahem ) I get eye rolls all the time.

We have been fortunate with our current pet sitters. I came home to fresh fleece and they swept, vacumed and took the trash out. I paid them $100.00 for 5 days. In a few years they will leave for college, and I don't know who to ask.

We understand completely.

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 2:50 pm

Topaz, you aren't crazy. My Snickers is my favorite pig. She's almost 5.5 years old, frail, has arthritis in her back and needs to be handfed to keep her weight up. When we went on vacation in June, I told the neighbor who was pigsitting that if Snickers dies while we're gone, to please put her body in a ziploc in the freezer in our garage, because I would want to bury her. It sounded crazy, but the neighbor knows I'm crazy where the pigs are concerned. She kind of laughed, but I felt better because I knew that if Snickers died while we were gone (she didn't), that at least my wishes were known. So even if people laugh or think you're crazy when you're making these plans, at least they know what to do if something goes, um, wrong. Which it won't. I'm not nuts about flying, either, but you can't let your fears paralyze you. Have a great vacation!!

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Catie Cavy
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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 3:25 pm

They say flying is safer than driving. There is a sign as you’re leaving one of the airports around here that says, “You’re leaving the safety of flying. Please drive carefully.”

I know what you mean about taking care of your guinea pigs. My husband and I don’t have any children but my sister has 4 kids. She said she’s been telling them for years that they have to take care of me and my husband when we get old since we don’t have our own kids. I’m instead preparing them to take care of our pets. I tell them I don’t care about myself – just make sure whatever nursing home I’m in changes my diapers regularly – but please take good care of my cats and guinea pigs after I’m gone!

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amy m guinea

Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 5:46 pm

Topaz, you are not crazy at all. I have gone through what you have many times. Last summer I had to leave them for 3 days and our A/C broke. I drove myself insane looking at the weather reports. It was in the middle of a terrible heat wave. I arranged for TWO different people to come at different times to feed (in case someone forgot, you know I'm nuts!).

I ended up getting a fan and running it on low where they were, blocking off all the windows, leaving tiles in their cages to cool off.

But - they were all fine when I got home! If it wasn't for the heat wave and the A/C broken, I would have not been so worried. I remember sobbing right before we left. So, you are not the only one. Please try to have fun!

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 6:21 pm

I just love you guys. Thank you so much for all the comments and empathy. I feel much MUCH better. Honestly. Just knowing I'm not alone makes me feel better, and then knowing if I actually do croak someone will look out for them, makes me feel beyond relieved. I'm breathing much easier.

Now if I could just get over the stress of flying. Bloody Mary(s) or some other type of alcohol may help with this....


Since we'll be leaving early Thursday morning, I think I'll change the cage over and put the carefresh in the day before(or night), then I can see how they react to it. I'm going to have to buck up and pay for carefresh alone as early on when I used aspen shavings, they seemed to irritate Goldie's eyes.

I'll put a thick layer of newspaper down, then lots of carefresh, and only their hideys. The pet sitter is coming three times a day; 7:30 a.m, 2:00 p.m, then around 8:30 p.m.(and charging me a fortune but that's o.k.)

She'll be cleaning the cage up, refilling water bottles and water bowl, and giving fresh hay and pellets during the morning visit. Then they'll get their greens at the afternoon visit and a lookover(cage and pigs themselves). I'll have greens all ready and bagged up in the fridge. The evening visit will be fresh pellets and hay for the night.

I'll just have her fluff the carefresh each visit, and change the carefresh and newspaper in the loft every two-three days. Yes?

I've also told her not hold or handle them unless she absolutely has to. She doesn't have a whole lot of experience with guinea pigs(although she's been a professional pet sitter for years and has experience with many different animals. She's also got dogs, cats, and an alpaca farm and is an animal lover).

I'm sure she could handle it but I cringe thinking about the possibility of one of my girls getting scared and jumping out of her hands and getting hurt. I guess I feel there's really no need for her to be holding them unless something is wrong. Do you think this is odd? She seemed o.k. with it.

I'll leave my vet's phone number with her and will probably call every day initially, maybe for the whole week.

My mom and stepdad told me they'll stop by to hang out with the dogs and look at the pigs every now and then, as did my oldest daughter, as well as my best friend. I told them all to please make themselves at home, sleep over if they want, take a bath in my lovely deep tub, pick veggies from my garden, whatever they desire...just keep my animals company for as long as they can!

Sound about right? Am I forgetting something?

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Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:54 pm

Show her my page on picking up pigs. It can be done safely. You restrain them by putting one finger in front and one behind a front leg. I'm sure you know what I mean.

It may help if she needs to examine them for some reason.


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one pig at a time.

Post   » Tue Jul 24, 2007 9:20 pm

I am laughing out loud over here. It is great to know I am not the only "weirdo" in this world!!! I also asked my petsitter not to handle my pigs unless she noticed one was injured. ---lol
Now I can tell my husband "Even Topaz does not like her piggies touched by other people".

4 the Good of all Pigs

Post   » Wed Jul 25, 2007 7:49 am

Oh I get all freaky about the thought of someone handling my pigs that is not an approved pig slave themselves!

I came home from a friends house the other night to find Murphy in the arms of a neighbor who stopped by. She was sitting in the kitchen with him and he was happy as a clam on her chest but I had to ask, "Did YOU pick him up?"

She said that Terry got him for her and I felt a little better but still, he's no expert on picking them up either. GAH!

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