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Hello, can guinea pigs eat pumpkin? I've read about people giving canned pumpkin but my boyfriend has just carved a pumpkin for halloween and we were wondering if they could have any of the scooped out stuff..
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I don't know about the pumpkin guts, but I know they can have the pieces of shell that have been carved out.
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Poop Potato Still supporting in 2014
I think I heard they shouldn't have the scooped out stuff. Definitely not the seeds. They can have the carved out bits and good flesh like you would use for cooking yourself.
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Spankin's, anyone? Who's your Branni?
You should toast those seeds for yourself!
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I just tried giving my girls some pumpkin tonight. I cut the little pumpkin in half and put it in their cage for a treat (with everything scooped out of course), but they wouldn't eat it. They nibbled on it once or twice, but they can't be bothered with it. Ugh. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.
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Poor Baby Cuzko

Sweet Piggy Kisses! My piggy made me give!
Cuzko and Oaxaca have now fallen for pumpkin. I put a piece in the bottom of their veggie bowl and they emptied the other contents on the bottom of their cage to get to the pumpkin.
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We just had our boys out with a biiiiiiiiiig pumpkin (it had been out in the rain, and the stem was soft - we figured scooping it now gave it a better chance of not pooing out before Halloween). We had some trouble getting Burglar out of the pumpkin. We had to turn it upside down and sort of slide him out, and he still had a piece of pumpkin stuck to his behind.
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Happy Househippo Haven Supporter in '09
And where are the pictures of the boys and this pumpkin?? Hmmmm?? We must have pictures!
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Well, as soon as I stop being lazy and upload them there'll be pictures. 'Twon't be National Geographic quality, though, as I have a cheapish camera.
They made the most amazing zigzag pattern down the side of the thing. If only it were possible to let the pigs do all the carving (I am not capable of anything but the most simple patterns, and at that mine always look as if they should be in a public-service announcement for dental care), but I am afraid that would be an extreme excess of pumpkin.
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Incidentally, for those of you who might have a set of those plastic alphabet cookie cutters, they make great pumpkin-scrapers. I grabbed the Q and went to town on that big pumpkin and I had that thing scraped clean in five minutes.
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What variety of pumpkin is suitable to give to piggies?

I see all kinds, from those about the size of an orange to those bigger than a small child.

Are those you see at grocery stores/roadside stands safe or are they sprayed, coated, otherwise treated?
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I to just tried giving rosie pumkin tonight, she took 2-3 bites and then left it alone. not sure if I should leave it in there over night or take it out.
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Neurotic Name Nerd
My pigs aren't especially fond of pumpkin. They eat the first piece I give them as a treat in October. But then they don't want anymore. Well, that's not entirely true. Out of ten, I do have four who will eat it two or three times.
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I was using the big pumpkins to hold the floortime grids in place (I have an escape artist) and they managed to gnaw pumpkin through the grids. I am afraid they are pumpkin addicts. In fact, they did manage to get out again, and Warrior went just eight inches - to the other side of the pumpkin. I located him by the gnawing noises. Our pumpkins look dreadfully nibbled.
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