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Question about babies

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Mr Demus 625

Supporter in 2012
These two girls that our vet called us about cry and cry and cry. Everdeen is always wheeking, but it doesn't sound like normal. It sounds like an I want my mommie cry if that makes sense. The vet hasn't seen them yet and they are overall healthy girls that eat like little piglets. Any thoughts?
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Sith Lord of Rescue
Babies will do that. Are they eating and drinking?
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Southern Cavy Comfort
Most babies will squeal like their being murdered if one of their siblings touches them so I'd say that's pretty normal. Its if they are too quiet that you have to worry.
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Just like human kids then, hm?
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Mr Demus 625

Supporter in 2012
For the most part, I've decided they're just
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