Surgery Today, Need Good Thoughts - Bleeding/Pyometra


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Yesterday we woke up to find blood throughout the cage of our two girls. It was shocking and extremely frightening. I was able to quickly find out which girl it was coming from and got her out and into a bath. Her little bottom had blood on it and there was a little on her nose. Once I got her out I called the vet and took her right in.

While I was drying her off she peed and it was clear, no blood at all. The vet tech took her temperature and when she removed the thermometer from her rectum there was some blood on it. The dr. came in and swabbed her rectum and there was blood on that. She initially thought it was a GI problem and would be able to take care of it with medication. She said of all the causes of bleeding this would be the least awful (though all are horrifying).

She then said she wanted to do an ultrasound just to rule out any doubt that it was vaginal. She came back in and said there were two things that showed up on the ultrasound and that the blood was coming from her vagina. She said the little bit that was on the thermometer and the swab from the rectum was probably just blood that had gotten in there because everything is so close together. She described the things as oval and filled and said we needed to do surgery.

This is so heartwrenching because all we can do is wait. I had to leave her there and she will do the surgery this afternoon. Hopefully she will be able to come home tonight but we aren't sure until we see how she is doing after surgery. I am so scared for her.

We would greatly appreciate your good thoughts and well wishes, my daughter and I love these girls so much and it is awful to have this happen. Thanks for listening. Here is a picture of our girls Sprinkle is the one on the left, she is the one having surgery. Sparkle is the one with the little cowlick on the top of her head.



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Your girls are beautiful! Best wishes for a successful surgery and recovery.

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Thinking good thoughts. Been there.

Your Sparkle could be my late Steve's sister. They're both very cute.

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What a terrifying experience this must be for you! Poor little Sprinkle - best wishes for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery!

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Good luck to her! Happy thoughts.


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Aw they are both adorable. My little piggy Spooky is having surgery next week because he has a bladder stone. Good luck with your piggy's surgery. I'm sure that she will be able to pull through. <3


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What beautiful babies you have. I know how scary surgery can be for a piggy parent. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she recovers swiftly.


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Thank you all so much for the support. Her surgery should be starting about now. I'm trying to keep busy preparing for her arrival back home, which I hope will be tonight. I'm setting up a separate cage for her. The cage they are both in is pretty big and I think it would be too much for her and I don't want to have to chase her to take care of her. The dr. didn't mention it yesterday but I'm assuming she should recuperate alone so I'm setting it up that way. I'm very scared and I will be anxiously awaiting news.

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Yes, she should be separated and in a smaller cage. Jeeves just had a bladder stone removed a week ago and my vet is having me keep him separated and in the smaller cage for 14 days.

Make sure you get all the supplies you need to force feed.


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OK, thank you. That is why I assumed and I figure she will let me know that when I pick her up.

What supplies will I need to force feed her? Would that be handfeeding?

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Yes, but you need to actually force if she won't take it on her own. Your vet should have Critical Care, which Jeeves preferred mixed with some water and canned pumpkin (ingredients only pumpkin and water). You will also need a syringe with the end cut off and filed down (I just used a nail file). Aaand finally, you'll want a kitchen scale to monitor her weight. I'd weigh her twice daily at least.

Here is a page with some links:

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I'm sending good thoughts for Sprinkle, and am hoping that she has a speedy recovery. Sprinkle and Sparkle are very cute.

There is great information about caring for your guinea pig after surgery on this page:

Force feeding is handfeeding your guinea pig when they don't want to eat.


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Thank you, I have read the post op page as well as the handfeeding page. I have a syringe and I have a scale that we use to weigh the girls. If the vet doesn't have Critical Care should I just puree pellets and veggies?

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Let Sleeping Pigs Lie

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Making your own pellet mash is good.

Critical Care is very finely ground, so some people find it easier to use.


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It sounds like I'm all set then, just need the baby home. I haven't heard yet and I'm just starting to become a bit concerned. It's been about an hour and 20 min. since she should have gone in. Hopefully, I'll hear soon.

Thanks again for the support, It means alot. Not many people understand.

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Post   » Fri Oct 09, 2009 4:44 pm

They will probably wait for a little bit so that they can call you once she's waking up and moving a little. That's what they did with Jeeves. I wouldn't worry just yet!


Post   » Fri Oct 09, 2009 5:08 pm

She's doing good! I am so relieved. The dr. said that one ovary horn had a little mass and the other one had a large one, 2 cm x 6 cm filled with blood and puss. My poor girl. She took pictures and said she would show me what it looked like. She is going to keep her tonight but we are going to go see her in a bit.


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I'm glad to hear her surgery is over an was successful. Keep us posted.


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I'm glad she made it through the surgery okay. I hope she is able to rest well and make a full recovery. *hugs*

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