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New pig has one squinty eye-- what is this?
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Hello all!

I just rescued a pig from the town next to me.. they've taken great care of her in a foster home before I picked her up. She is about 6 weeks old and an unaltered sow. But I noticed when I first met her that her left eye is almost always squinting, and her inclination is to keep it closed. When I brought her home, she went to hide in her new hut and I thought she was sleeping since her eye was closed- but when she turned to the side, her other eye was wide open and she was alert.

I took her out of the cage and we did a test to see if it was blindness- she reacts to movement in front of both of her eyes. There is no evidence of pea eye, and no discharge, or crusting. Both of her eyes look very normal. She is also very calm (probably very frightened since she's in a new environment) so I was able to feel the bones in her face- nothing seems out of place or any lumps or bumps in her face. Light also doesn't seem to be a factor- even if we shade her face, she still squints/closes her left eye.

She seems very alert and does not seem to be tilting or leaning her head. I will take a picture of the eye when I can- for now, I don't want to startle her any more.

I checked the medical page for guinea pig eyes and nothing there seems to describe this. Is it possible it's just a twitch? She isn't scratching and her skin/ears look fine so I'm pretty sure it's not mites.

What is this squinty/closed eye caused by? Any suggestions? Please let me know, as this new pig is already very dear to me. Her name at the foster home was Adia, but I'm thinking of Cocoa. For this discussion, you can call her Adia.

Thanks, Forum! I'd appreciate any advice.
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I am just guessing here, but maybe she injured it somehow. Possibly a hay poke? Is it watery at all? I think she should be examined by a vet and have it looked at.
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Beggin' Fiends! Supporting my GL Habit
It could also be the sign of a URI, even though there's no discharge. Definitely worth having checked out by a vet.
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
Ask the foster home if it has always been that way. I suspect an injury also.
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It sounds like an eye scratch or injury more than URI.
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Contributor in 2014
I would take her to the vet and have them stain the eye. It could have a scratch on it that you can't see or there could be something lodged under her eyelid. Eye injuries are painful and can become serious if left untreated.
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Well, I have a new and more serious problem with this new girl.

Last night my boyfriend and I were holding her, just petting her gently... and it seemed like something started kicking out of her side. Part of her right abdomen was just.. kicking. I've felt her belly since then and I believe I can feel more lumps- so I'm not so sure it's a tumor as it is babies.

I can't be sure she's pregnant because I don't know if she has been eating more or not... I've contacted the foster home and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'd be very surprised to hear Adia was pregnant but then again, the foster home said they allowed supervised play time with her brother Max. This worries me a bit.

What should I do if she's pregnant? I don't have any exotics vets in town and I don't want to stress her out in a car. Should I just make her comfortable? Should I avoid holding her? But what if it IS a tumor of some sort? Would a tumor do that? Is it possible it was just a sort of twitch? And yet when I feel her belly it is definitely something there... To be honest, it really does feel like a little fetus...

I'm sorry I'm so new at this- I never expected this! But I'd like to do everything the right way and make sure that she's taken care of. I know I should give her more Vitamin C and hay, but what else should I do? Should I put blankets in her cage?

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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Beggin' Fiends! Supporting my GL Habit
Tumors don't kick. And if she had supervised time with a boar, I would guess she's pregnant. I just can't believe a foster home would do that!

You definitely want to line up a vet, just in case there are complications in the delivery. I believe if there's movement, she could deliver any time in two weeks (those with more experience will correct me!).

Information on pregnancy here: GuineaLynx::Reproduction.
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Oh boy. I'm so worried. She has white hairs on her- does that mean she's a roan? I'm not sure what the father would have looked like (I never met him...) but I'm worried he's a roan too. Oh my goodness, this poor baby is so young and she's having babies!

I called the vet to ask their advice- it's not an exotics vet but they've treated my Peanut Butter for an URI (though they didn't fix it...) and I assume they know enough about pregnancy to see her and know what's normal. They have seen guinea pigs many times before, they just don't do surgeries or anything. They said they would want to take an x-ray to make sure the babies are okay inside of her.

Would an x-ray be okay for a pregnant pig?

Is there anything in particular I should ask the vet when I take her in tomorrow?

I saw on the Reproduction Page that it's important for the pig to maintain exercise- does that mean I should get her out and let her run around, or will that injure her and the babies?

I've read up on what's normal and what's not in pregnancies, what to do if complications arise, and how to help the sow during the pregnancy. I'm new at this, but I'm very willing to do whatever I can to help this little girl. I didn't expect or want a pregnant pig, but I really want to make sure everyone makes it through this pregnancy healthy.

All advice is appreciated.
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I would be very careful handling her from now on. Use a shoebox with one end cut off so she can walk in and out of it. I would use this anytime you need to get her in or out of her cage.

If you can feel kicking, she is in the latter stages of pregnancy. I think an xray should be ok, but I am not sure about that. Someone with more experience can answer that for you. I would definitely find a vet that has experience with guinea pigs, just in case she needs help when she delivers. You don't want to be scrambling to find one in an emergency.

What kind of diet is she on? She should be getting alfalfa hay and/or alfalfa pellets. Babies will need to eat this too for about 6 months. Is she getting fresh veggies?

Any males need to be removed at 3 weeks of age. They can impregnate any females at this age.
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There are no males around, since I got this girl from a rescue yesterday.

I thought alfalfa was bad for pigs? Is it good for pregnant pigs and babies?

There are no guinea pig vets for almost 2 hours in my area. The vet that I see has "seen guinea pigs" before but does not do surgeries on them. Furthermore, they don't do after-hours, so if there is an emergency in the pregnancy I would have to take her to the emergency clinic in town.

Does ANYONE know of an experienced vet in the State College, PA area?
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Alfalfa is fine for pregnant, nursing, or young guinea pigs. The mom should stay on it until she is done nursing. If she is under 6 months old, it is ok for her to continue to have it until she is 6 months old or so.

I meant if she has any male babies, they will need to be removed from the mom at 3 weeks old. They can get the mom or any sisters pregnant at 3 weeks old.
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Do you have a kitchen scale to weigh her ?

Can you post a photo of her? Roan is different than just white hairs. It is intertwined colors.

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Beggin' Fiends! Supporting my GL Habit
You got her from a rescue yesterday, and she's this pregnant? This rescue sounds pretty shady.
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Sus, I'll take a picture of her later today... I'm not sure how to post a photo- does it have to be uploaded to another site first before I can post it here?

I don't have a scale- it's something we were looking into getting from amazon, but it looks like I'll have to speed up that process pretty quickly. Any suggestions on where to get a good kitchen scale?

I checked the PA vet lists on those sites yesterday- nothing within 2 hours of me. I was just asking if anyone personally knew... because otherwise I'm at a loss.

Pooksied- This is the animal rescue... ( I posted on GL forums a few weeks ago that I wanted to adopt from a rescue and someone suggested Petfinder, which I used. They seemed very professional- scheduling an initial visit so they could meet me, and inquiring pretty heavily about my current pigs and situation. When I met Adia, the only thing I really noticed was her squinty eye- but like I said, I wanted to rescue a pig, not be picky, so I figured I would just take her into the vet to see what was wrong. I didn't realize it was more than that, and she is VERY tiny. When I returned to pick her up, she seemed normal.

The rescue claims she was 4 weeks old on October 24th when she was given to them, which means she would only be 9 weeks old now. We've calculated figures and even if the initial owners were wrong about the age, it seems likely she was kept in the same cage as her brother until at least 4 weeks of age. Which means she could be 5 or 6 weeks pregnant... which is EARLY to feel the kicking, I understand. So I'm a little confused about the timeline.

Let me go get a photo.
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You should be able to find a kitchen scale at stores like target or walmart in the kitchen section.

Yes, you need to upload the photo to a photo hosting site like or then post the link or use the img tags

eta: they have photos of their rabbits on cedar bedding and
colored bit feed in the guinea pig food bowls
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She is currently in my quarantine cage. Yes, I know the rescue agency was using aspen and fiesta mix- that's not something I do. I am in the process of upgrading my regular pen (where my other two pigs are) into a fleece-heaven. So this cage is the quarantine cage, though rather small, where Adia has been for the last 25 hours.

I tried to take a picture with my hand so you can see how tiny she still is... and when she stretches out, you can see the lumps in her. Note: Depending on how she is sitting, the lumps are on different sides. I think the fetuses just kinda move around inside of her. There is also a picture of her squinty eye.

She is a gorgeous little girl - I just had no idea she might be pregnant.

Vet appt is for 4 PM tomorrow-- they want to do x-rays and a health check-up.

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Beggin' Fiends! Supporting my GL Habit
She is so very pretty!

You must have small hands. She looks nearly full-grown next to it, yet her feet make her look very young. Boy, that bulge is quite distinct.

I'm glad you have a vet appointment. I think it will help answer a lot of your questions.
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Yes, I'm a very tiny 23-year-old and she is a very tiny piglet.

I hope the vet has good news for me... Do you suppose the bulge could be something other than a pregnancy?

I'll update when I hear more from the vet. Thanks for all your help.

By the way, do you think she is a roan?
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If you can feel kicking and movement, I think the lumps are babies.
Sometimes, you can feel and hear them chewing. I heard chewing a few days before my adopted sow gave birth to one baby boar.

She is very cute! It looks like her eye is bothering her and may be uncomfortable to open. Could very well be an injury from a sharp piece of hay or something that was in her cage at the rescue.
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