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Swollen or bloated female
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7/27/2010, 8:42 pm
Lynx   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Heartless Dictator

I was planning on adding a link to this thread from the emergency bloat entry. Sometimes you just don't have a vet and you have to do whatever you can to hellp.

It sounds like it was a very scary, sad night. I'm glad she pulled through.
7/27/2010, 8:54 pm
Tracy   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  

I've commented on a few threads about bloat, though it's not a do-it-yourself scenario by any means and I was very lucky Inca pulled through. (She taught me a lot about hyperthyroid, too.) If I find my detailed notes (written morning after it happened), I will be sure to correct any info I may have mis-remembered here.
7/27/2010, 9:01 pm
Lynx   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Heartless Dictator

You are welcome (encouraged) to link to your bloat comments on other threads if you wish.
7/27/2010, 9:36 pm
Talishan   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Cleaning Lady

You can quote me

Ditto Lynx. This is a topic upon which we can never have too much information.
7/29/2010, 8:34 am
Quinfin   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  

No Tracy, you havent hijacked anything. Im glad you shared what you did. Its going to make me try to get some meds from my vet. To all that have posted, I thankyou for your care and support, and am sorry I havent been posting more. This is new to me, in fact the first forum, or whatever, Ive been involved in. Popcorn seems to be at 100%, cause shes showing her dominance and picking on litttle Soda. (why you girls do that I dont know). Since Lynx wanted to know what Tracy did in her sitauation, I'll share what I did without meds. At about 7pm I put her in a clothes basket with a vibrating pad in the bottom. About every 30 min. I would turn the pad on for about 5min. Ild then pick her up and rub her belly alittle and give her about 2 or 3 ccs of water with a syringe. The first 12 ccs had a dose of vitamin C in it. Since she wanted to be under a pillow or some kind or cover, before placing her back in the basket, I would put her on the bed where she could see a pillow and then she would get up and walk towards it to get under it. After that little bit of exercise, I would put her back in her basket to rest for about 20 min. I continued this through out the night. At about 3am I noticed her first droppings, which were only 2. I set a little plate with hay and pellets in her basket but she would not get up to eat them. So when I took her out the rub, water, and exercise her, I would hand feed her a couple pellets which she ate. By the time we left for the vet (6:30 am) she could stand up a little and eat a little out of her plate, and had left a little more droppings in her basket. It was when I took her out of her carrier at the vets when I saw she really let go and droppings were everywhere. Everything I did that night I got from you people here. So again, I THANKYOU, cause youre the reason shes alive today.
7/29/2010, 10:25 am
Lynx   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Heartless Dictator

Thanks for the recap. Sef, maybe you could add a "vibrating bed" to the emergency supplies list on your site? Mention how important it could be if veterinary care is unavailable for a case of bloat?

I wish competent veterinary care was not so difficult to find in an emergency situation at night.
7/29/2010, 9:34 pm
Talishan   Link to Post Go to the top of this page  
Cleaning Lady

You can quote me

Quinfin, you're welcome but know that what you did, as outlined in your post above, was absolutely perfect and *you* did it. It was not easy to stay up all night and do what you did as frequently and as thoughtfully as you did it. It may have been our advice but it was your effort, and your recap may help others down the road.

One other thing that has helped others in the past is simply putting them in a carrier and driving them around for a while. The car's vibrations can help, especially for those who don't have a vibrating pad or massager thingy. I suspect that's part of why she really let go in the car, but your care got her to that point in the first place.
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