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Freddy and Tika have been sneezing...

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MacWheeker Guinea Supporter '11
They are both healthy, still eating, Freddy maintaining a weight of 2lb13oz and Tika has gained a pound and is sitting at 2lb8oz. They are happy in themselves, glossy coat, healthy eyes, no discharge or anything, their noses don't appear to be wet although if I put my ear to their chests they are a little wheezy, Freddy especially.

Its not constant sneezing, just intermittent, once in a while. I'm worried for a URI. What do you all think? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)
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Contributor in 2014
Is your hay extra dusty or have more than the usual amount of flowers?

It could be something simple, but if they sound wheezy in their chests I would take them in for a checkup.
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MacWheeker Guinea Supporter '11
I tried some sample packets of hay from the Hay Experts maybe its that? Freddy really sounds like he's "Hocking a loogie" (pardon the expression!) when he sneezes though, Maybe I will make an appointment at the vets and get them both checked out.

Every week I'm in there with a different animal, it was my three hamsters last week!!
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Is the hocking a loogie sound similar to guinea pig hooting?
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MacWheeker Guinea Supporter '11
No, it sounds more like he has something stuck in his throat when he sneezes.
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