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Pumpkin for pigs?

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I saw on another thread that people were giving their piggies leftover Halloween pumpkin. I want to let them nibble on our jack o'lantern, but I'm concerned that it's going bad. How do you tell if a pumpkin is still safe to eat?
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Pig Whisperer
Might be safer to get a fresh pumpkin at the store? It should be safe to eat, as long as it is washed well. I give canned pumpkin to guinea pigs all the time. I heard the smaller ones are better for baking.
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They can have fresh pumpkin (so some of the leftover bits the day you carve), but no they cannot have old sitting around jack o'lantern. Fresh pumpkin though? Nom nom!
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Do you take out the seeds? Can they have those little mini pumpkins?
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I've been told the mini pumpkins are just as edible as the larger pumpkins. They certainly are easier to cut. They have smaller seeds that are tastier than the larger ones when toasted.

Jasper has only nibbled on the pieces I've given him. He's not very adventurous when it comes to eating.
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Oh, the fatness!
I'd get a fresh one. Pumpkins usually go on sale after halloween. I know we are going to get a few hopefully tomorrow and make piggy houses :)

I just run my hands thru and take out the seeds (they like the strings). and toast the seeds for the humans and eat them while we watch the pigs play. :)

(We just leave them in for a few hours and then throw them away - just make sure no one pees in the pumpkin ;) )

(I am at work, and can't look on photobucket for my pumpkin pictures :( I will try to post some in the morning).
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Yes, Kermie, we love your pumpkin pictures.
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Cleaning Lady You can quote me
"I'd get a fresh one. Pumpkins usually go on sale after halloween."

Big time ditto to this.

Ours have always seemed to like the bigger ones better than the smaller (pie size) ones. Just get one or two (or more :-) on sale tomorrow, then cut a chunk out of them. Cut off the slimy part (prepare per Kermie's directions) and we cut off the rind, then put it in there and they'll chew on it.
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Can they eat the rind? I was thinking of giving some to bunnies and rattums too.
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Lois' Mom
I am going to get a pumpkin for the pigs and Lois to have their way with after work today! It will be an excellent time for everyone, although Lois will have to be hosed off afterward.

It is also a good idea to get your pigs used to the taste of canned pumpkin incase you ever have to mix it with critical care when they are ill. Mine think canned pumpkin from a syringe is an excellent treat!
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All three of my pigs loooove pumpkin, even my picky eater, Rodney! Things that are not green are usually eyed and ignored (except carrots). He dug in and we had a few nose-offs over the remaining pieces of pumpkin. I wish we would have had more to give them!
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Vegetable Hoarder Supporter in '09 - '10
I never know which small ones to buy. A lot of the small ones say for decoration only.
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Stop fighting! Now!
When we carved our pumpkins this year, we immediately gave the parts we cut out (eyes, nose, mouth) to our guys. As usual, Tom and Linus were thrilled, Milo was interested, and Frost thought it was poison and looked forlorn because we clearly only gave the good stuff to the other three.
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