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So I am a beginner and I have lots of questions and thought that instead of making hundereds of new threads just make one that i can write all my questions and stories on and hopefully you will to! So here are some of my questions:

1) Should I adopt a piggy from a rescue for my only 4 month old male? Here is the website of the rescue =)

2)I am planning to adopt around the end of the month, Is that OK?

3) How long should I quarentine my new piggy?

4)Boars could go with boars right or is that a problem?

Please answer =) !

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Your best point to start with would be to make an appointment with the rescue to have your current piggie looked at. This would be to verify the health and sex of your little one.

Most of the time a rescue would not put a piggie up for adoption without it being ready to be adopted. That being said, has your piggie had a vet visit and been treated for mites? if it is from a breeder or store it could have problems already.

There are many good threads here, read up on the feeding and health first, it will go a long way in making your piggies life and yours more enjoyable.

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It is best to adopt but the link you posted is to an animal shelter .. not a rescue just to clarify. Here is info on quarantine

Boars can get along fine if given enough cage space and matched properly.


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It would probably be better to put him with an older boar so that they're not going through puberty together. But yes, make sure it's a boy first. Pet stores make a lot of mistakes.

Since he's only 4 months he should get an alfalfa based pellet until he is 6 months. Then he should get a timothy based pellet. Since you're in Canada you should get Oxbow Cavy Performance until he's 6 months and then Cavy Cuisine because I don't know if you can get Kleenmama's there and it would cost too much.

They need at leas a cup of veggies a day and this includes: lettuces(not iceberg), red or green leaf, romaine, endive, escorole, bell peppers, cilantro. Also once or twice a week, kale, red or green swiss chard, mustard greens and so on. Once a week they can have a small amount of fruit.

Unlimited grass hay. Timothy, orchard are just two grass hays.


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Thanks for the replies!

Guineadaddy- I am going to get a appointment as soon as I find a vet that acutually has great guinea pig expeirience =)

sus4rabbitsnpigs- What is the difference between a rescue and a shelter? I asked my sister and she said that place is both and by the way that is that closest shelter like place I know about =(. Is a 5X4 C&C cage enough for 2 boars?

Debs4Pigs- I read lots of forums that are on finding out the gender of your piggy and by what those forums say my piggy is a male =) My piggy is a four month old and the one up for adoption is a 2 year old so I dont think puberty will be a problem. My pigglet gets unlimited Oxbow Alfalfa. My young ladies man gets one full leaf of romaine lettuce, ( I kinda trained him to do tricks to get lettuce =) you could read more about it on his documentry ) one baby carrot, 1 out of 4 of a tomato, 1 out of 8 green bell pepper and some cucumber. Here are some pictures of him

Image Image
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sus what is the difference between a shelter and a rescue?
Please don't flame me I just am asking.
I thinking different terms are used in different countries

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Squeaglez I just wanted to pop in and say your little piggy is quite the cute little mop!

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First thing you will have to do before getting a friend is get rid of the pet store cage. That is not nearly big enough. A two year old pig will be good with a baby.


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Squeagles and I must have been typing at the same time. Her question wasnt there when I posted.
I am trying to post and do a search about cage sizes at the same time. Sorry for the repeat.


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O he dosn't live in a petstore cage anymore now he lives in a nice and big C&C cage =) The pet store cage was all I had while I had to get my Connecters =)


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We must have cause I didnt see your post either =P
Same as this time =P

And got the T-shirt

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A rescue is usually devoted to just one kind of animal, whether it be dogs, cats, guinea pigs, whatever. Their mission is just what it says -- to rescue needy animals. Good rescues provide vet care, decent food, adequate housing, etc., and generally screen their adopters.

A shelter may take in many kinds of animals, and may or may not euthanize animals if they are not considered adoptable, or if they get too many to handle. Many are run by various local governments, such as cities, townships, etc.

These definitions are not hard and fast -- you can find very good shelters who screen adopters and who give very good care to animals, and you can find rescues not worth the name.


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I know alot about that shelter because I almost adopted a animal from there once but decided not to because I learnt that breed of animals are solatairy. Anyway they rescue and provide all the vet care nessasary. They give ALL the pets a chance. Once a pet is COMPLEATLY healed and well they give it around 60 days to be adopted because sadly ALOT of animals need shelter and there arent many shelters in Calgary. If less animals of that speices are coming in it will stay on for adoption longer but if lots of animals of that speicies are coming in they get a minimum of 60 days. Alot are also sent to foster home and sometimes if the animal is lucky enough the staff/volenteers themselves will adopt the pet =) .

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A four by five grid cage would be excellent, the more width a cage has the better when it comes to cavies that are going through puberty or are less keen on other cavies being right in "their" space.

The pet store cage can be kept as a travel cage, for short quarantine periods, and is great for cavies recovering from surgery who need to have activity limited until they recover.

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To add to what bpatters wrote.. an animal shelter is usually a public facility run by the city/county from tax dollars. They can euthanize, often have to take in all the 'stray' and owner surrender animals from their jurisdiction. They are often overworked, and not enough money or space to care for them all.

It sounds like yours is better than most.

A rescue is typically a private, no-kill, not for profit or non-profit that selects what animals to take in. Like bp said, they screen adopters and tend to be more informed about their animals. They are usually fostered in private homes rather than in a facility.


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Where I live Humane societies are the shelter.
Most of the humane society that I know of are associated with the spca. The Humane society in my town has a no kill policy and all animals are given housing, vet care and whatever they need and then are adopted.
I personally have had an issue with the humane society here because they keep animals that are not adoptable and I figure they could help more animals by letting the space be given to an animal that is adoptable.
I don't advocate euthenizing animals but I do believe in not letting them suffer or have no quality of life. I should get off this subject before I get upset.

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I'll echo Cinnabuns mom about other uses for the pet store cage. In addition, they are handy to use during free roam time for the hay/water/safe spot. Just make a little ramp so they can come and go easy. Doing this keeps them familiar with the cage and can use it for traveling or shorter trips such as the vets. I find it makes it easier for them to hop in willingly as well.


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A decent rescue is run by volunteers, usually out of their own homes (with many foster homes being part of one rescue). They rely on donations from others (and sometimes suppliment from their own pocket). They quarantine all pigs that come into the rescue and most usually treat for mites/lice and they should not adopt a pig out unless they believe it is healthy. They will provide information on proper guinea pig care, will often require a certain cage size, and require you to sign a contract. Any donations toward the pig's adoption goes back into the rescue to provide for other needy pigs. Most rescues take pigs from shelters and also private parties that don't want them anymore.

A shelter is usually a humane society or "pound." Very few are no-kill. They are usually required to take in any and all homeless or needy animals. Most are filled to the brim with dogs and cats, but accept other animals as well.

Because they rarely get in guinea pigs, and they are limited as to funds (especially smaller, rural shelters) many of them routinely euthanize small animals as soon as they come into the shelter. Others do try and place them into homes, but do not really know how to sex properly or how to care for them properly.

There is a really good chance of getting a pregnant pig from a shelter if it is female. Any guinea pig coming from this kind of shelter should be quarantined in a separate room from your present pigs and should be treated for mites. Ideally, they should also be seen by a vet. Be absolutely sure that you know what sex your own pig is before you go this route and be sure that you (or someone that goes with you) knows how to properly sex a guinea pig. You must not rely on the shelter staff for this because they get it wrong all the time. Adopting a pig from a shelter/humane society is riskier than adopting from a rescue, BUT know that if you do this, you may be truely saving that pigs life.


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HELP! So I got a VERY high fever over the weekend and it makes me want to puke when I get up so im really scared to make contact with my guinea pig afraid he will get sick to. My family is taking care of him right now under my command so they dont do anything wrong and according what they said he poops when: you pick him up, you put him down, he eats, he sleeps, and he leaves a trail of poop where ever he goes and I went to the doctor to get my health checked and...guess what? I am supposed to have a virus thats supposed to last 72hr. ITS BEEN MUCH LONGER THAN THAT!

Edit: I feel SO helpless and small =(


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Squeaglez, pretty sure you can't give whatever you've got to a guinea pig.
As far as I know, only fungal infections are cross=species infectious.

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