Sperm or Bladder problem


Post   » Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:42 am

Hi capybara , Vets original thoughts were thick calcium deposits!!!

I find the whole situation frightening as it is still unclear , and all vet could suggest was, as you said overproduction of ejaculate .

i am now wondering if "some" past bladder problem piggy's may have had a similar problem, and gone incorrectly diagnosed ???

Update on Baby Pig , nearly 4 weeks since his castration , and no signs whatsoever of the original symptoms !

Regarding the sperm/ejaculate rods blocking his urethra , and causing him pain when weeind/pooing .

I don’t know whether this was a one off , as my vet has not encountered a problem like it before , also I have done some web searches , and not come across another case like this one .

Or perhaps it is something that is not uncommon , but has gone unnoticed , I know I only found the original rod that was stuck in the urethra by chance ,

Had it gone unnoticed, the Vets next port of call , would have probably been surgical bladder examination , due to the pain he was in and lack of response to various meds and pain killers

Thankfully he is now 100% and hopefully he will stay that way


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