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The Adventures of Parsley Pig and Friends
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There are simply not enough guinea pig stories in the world so to remedy this situation I thought I'd write some!

Coming soon..

'The Adventures of Parsley Pig and Friends' is a series of illustrated short stories for children about a guinea pig named Parsley.

Parsley Pig is a pink eyed white and her story begins as a baby, when she realizes that she is different. She has to leave her mum, bound for the pet shop to find a new home and a 'two feet' to take care of her. The series follows Parsley as she gets new friends and they have their many adventures.

These books were originally written and illustrated by myself some years ago for my nieces and nephew and are based on the antics of the piggies I've had over the years. The stories are written from a guinea pigs' perspective and were meant to incorporate issues may children face; looking different, helping others, listening to advice, having to have an operation etc. as well as enjoying Christmas and the like. They are meant for younger children (although I know that guinea pig lovers are children at heart) and are aimed at children of primary school age.

They will be available to buy through Amazon and will be available for sale in paperback and in downloadable form for Kindle. The first five books are to be published in paperback within the next 4-6 weeks with more to follow over the coming months.The first book in the series will be available for kindle within the next two weeks with more to follow shortly. I'll post the details of how and where to find them here as soon as they are available.

In the meantime the first in the series 'Parsley Pig Finds a Home' is available to preview at for anyone that wants to see what it's all about and/or comment on it.

*PS. A plea to all those who condemn the purchasing of our fury friends from pet shops; (with whom I am in full agreement) please forgive the naivety of my judgement when buying my first pigs from just such a place. We should all be allowed one mistake in life, although their presence led to an extremely long line of rescue pigs so I'm claiming it all came good in the end.*
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
Have you thought of adding a note at the closing or introduction of every book emphasizing the many guinea pigs that are homeless and wisdom of adopting guinea pigs? That might be a good idea! And emphasizing researching their needs before adopting one. Not everyone who thinks they would like a guinea pig really knows what they are getting into!

I just read your first book. Your illustrations are adorable! I think people will enjoy reading your books!

A few years back, I proof read a child's guinea pig book. It does help to approach the story telling in a way that conveys information so that the parent and child can learn something. I especially like the large space they have to live in. I don't know if you'd like any feedback on the story (details that would add correct information) but if so, I'd be happy to email you.
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Thanks Lynx,

The second book is all about how the first of the rescue pigs who came to live with Parsley and Daisy and why they needed rescuing. In this book I also try to emphasis the sheer number of animals who are in need of good homes.

The other books in the series also try to address the ideas of proper feeding and health care, the dangers of letting them nibble on the wrong things, the fact that they need daily cleaning etc so hopefully potential owners also get some practical information about guinea pig husbandry too.

I would be grateful for any feedback you'd be willing to offer, (I know there are some typos in the preview book, which I'm sorting out today). I intend putting a closing note at the end of the printed version of the books, about adoption and the responsibilities of taking on a pet. I would like to know if it's OK to make reference to this site with regards to anyone wanting practical information, help or advice.

Glad you enjoyed the first one. The others will be uploaded to Kindle today so should be available as e-books in the next couple of days. Printed versions coming soon!
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OK guys, the e-book editions are now available on Amazon! The titles available so far are:

Parsley Pig Finds a Home
Parsley Pig Gets New Friends
Oliver Bunny Comes to Stay
Pip Pig Needs an Operation
Jingle Pigs

Please let me know what you think of them and I'll keep you posted on the print date for the paperback editions.
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
Yes, you are welcome to add a link to GuineaLynx! I'm happy to hear you are adding a note about proper care.

I had noticed some typos too and hoped they would be corrected. Looks like sometimes you used Mr. and sometimes you left off the period. I imagine for consistency's sake you would add the period.
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The first book in the series, The Adventures of Parsley Pig and Friends' is now available in paperback!

To order copies of 'Parsley Pig Finds a Home', please go to .

Purchases can also be made through Amazon (,, etc).

The subsequent titles will be available midweek from the following sites;

Parsley Pig Gets New Friends -
Oliver Bunny Comes to Stay -
Pip Pig Needs an Operation -
Jingle Pigs -

Or you can simply click on the continue shopping link which bears the name of the next book in the series. These books will also be available through Amazon by next week, again I will post here to confirm their availability.

*Please note that I intend to donate 10% of profits I make from sale of this and subsequent books in the series to genuine and reputable guinea pig rescue centers and organisations (and if sales go well am hoping to be able to increase that amount). I make more royalties from sales through my e store (website above) than sales through Amazon, thus books purchase this way will result in more donations being made!

On that note, if you run or would like to suggest such a center or organisation I would love to here from you, wherever you are! I would be particularly interested in 'special needs cases' eg those that cannot be re-homed or require medical treatment before re-homing. Although my donations may not be massive I realize that every little help for you guys! Please contact me here or email me directly.

I hope you all enjoy the books!!
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
Some of the links don't work for me. Check them over and let me know if I should edit some of them for you! (edit, I found a misspelling and corrected it - all the links seem to work okay now)

What a great collection of stories!
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Thanks Lynx!

I was foolishly trying to multitask and ran out of edit time, duh! I was just about to mail you to tell you I was missing a 'p'!!
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Hi Guys,

This is just to confirm that the first five books in the series are now available at the address above.

Parsley Pig Finds A Home is now available directly through Amazon, and the following four books will be available on Amazon in the next 48 hours.

Book six, Periwinkle And The Poisonous Plant to follow shortly !
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
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Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that my books are currently being offered at a reduced price on Amazon at the moment.

They are only 2.81 on with free UK delivery and reduced to $6.64 on

Get them while they're hot!!
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
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I'm in the process of setting up a website to help me promote my books. On it I would like to include websites from reputable guinea pig rescue centers or organisations in order to promote guinea pig adoption rather than pet-shop purchases.

I don't want to just arbitrarily put addresses on there without the center or organisations permission; but if anyone, wherever you are, would be willing to be included on the list, please could you let me know.

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Heartless Dictator RESIST
You are welcome to write the rescues listed in our pages and ask them (if the emails are bad and/or they no longer exist, let me know).

You might want to get your website fleshed out first so they have something to look at.
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Thanks Lynx, will do!
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I just wanted to say that these books are really cute. I downloaded the first volume for Kindle PC a week or so ago, but decided that I'd like to have these in paperback, and just ordered Volumes 1-4 yesterday.

They're written for children, but the stories are poignant and the illustrations are adorable. Adults will enjoy them, too! :)
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
I think her guinea pig illustrations are charming! Glad you like them too!
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I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them sef1268!

Just to let you know that the series so far is now also available on I'm also negotiating selling them through some other on line stores that are connected to rescues. By purchasing them here you can be sure that all possible profits are going towards our favourite cause - helping piggies!!

My website can now be seen at, where you can find out a bit more about the books (those already published and those coming soon), characters and read Parsley's blog.

I'm still on the hunt for any other rescue centers that would like to have their details included so let me know if you're one of them!
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Big congratulations and hip-hip hooray!!! Pig Party!! You rock!!

Or is that you Wheek!!!
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I love the books! The illustrations are really wonderful.
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