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Jealous Piggies?
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Do guinea pigs get jealous of one another? I swear Bullwinkle is jealous of Peanut since he's been getting more attention than him since Peanut's been sick. It's not intentional and when we give them treats I always try to give Bullwinkle his first and always give him chin scratches. I don't take Bullwinkle out as much as I do Peanut mostly because Bullwinkle doesn't like being taken out of his cage and kind of freezes when you do take him out, unlike Peanut. Maybe I should take him out more often? They kept me up all night long because Bullwinkle was rumbling all night long at Peanut. They're not fighting, Bullwinkle isn't hurting Peanut, and this is the first time this has happened. He's started rumbling more often at Peanut, in the past couple of days. Peanut stands up on the side of the cage, Bullwinkle starts rumbling at him and pokes his nose at his butt and makes Peanut jump down. I don't know what to do. They've never done this before and have always, always gotten along fantastic. But I can't have another night like last night. I'm a wreck this morning.
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It's less likely to be jealousy than that Bullwinkle realises Peanut is sick. Is Peanut usually the boss? I've found in the past that if the top pig is sick, the other pig really tends to pick on them.

edit: Also if Peanut is on any meds, it might make him smell different to Bullwinkle which will upset him.
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But, Peanut has been sick for 3 weeks. Why now? Peanut asserted his dominance over Bullwinkle initially, but Bullwinkle quickly took that title from Peanut and Bullwinkle has been "top pig" ever since. Bullwinkle will mount Peanut, not the other way around, but we haven't had any mounting going on for months.

Peanut has been on meds (for 3 weeks) but our last dose was last night. The area under his chin is kind of sticky and I'm sure he does smell a little different (we've been feeding him critical care too), but it's been that way for a little while. I'm having a hard time cleaning Peanut's chin as he constantly pushes me away and bites whatever I try to clean him with (he just refuses to let me wipe him off). I want to give him a bath to clean him up, but I don't want to do that until he's 100%. I'd hate to make him worse.
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pig wrangler

Supporter in '13
I believe that pigs definitely get jelous.

Daquerie and Ashley are both 'people pigs', they love attention. Whenever we pick up, or even pet any other pigs, they will run over and chut at the other pig. They will beg and and sometimes try to push the other pig away so we are petting them instead.

After we put the other pig back, they will assert their dominance, with rumble strutting and humping.

Also, If we go away for a long day (or, God forbid, leave them overnight at the daycare), they will get angry and shun us. It takes about a day for them to forget.
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Pigs! He does this thing with Peanut where sometimes he will rumble strut at him, then turn around and start popcorning all over the place and making squeaky, cute sounds like he's happy, then he'll rumble strut at Peanut and do the whole thing all over again! But last night it felt like it was something like 5 hours straight of those rumbles and let me tell you, I love these guys to no end, but it was a bit much (and I'm paying for a lack of sleep today).

Maybe I'll try to give Bullwinkle some undivided lap time today, which I haven't been doing (he rumbles if you pet him anywhere but his head and chin and chest!), as well as some floor time. Their floor time has been cut short lately too because Peanut gets exhausted and we don't want him getting stressed since he's still getting better.
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Okay, this is an issue now, seriously. I had to separate them last night. This was the first time I've ever had to separate them, but Bullwinkle was going after Peanut incessantly and Peanut couldn't get away. Even when I separated them, Bullwinkle was trying to tear through my barricade to get to him so I had to become more inventive to separate them. What is going on? They had been fine all day, then we go to bed and Bullwinkle loses it and goes after Peanut? I had to sleep, so I had to separate them. I took the barricade down and Bullwinkle rumble strutted but didn't go after Peanut and they seem to be fine. Any ideas what's going on? I can't have Bullwinkle doing this to Peanut, he's still trying to get well. They have always gotten along as they were put together very early on (at a month old).
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How old are they?
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Around 5 months old now, though Bullwinkle might be a tad bit older. We're not 100% sure.
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Cavy Comic Cavy Comic
I have seen obvious proof of jealousy between piggies in the past.
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I'm going to have to try to give Bullwinkle some individual attention then and hopefully that might help, but it didn't yesterday.
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My first pair were 2 boys, either from the same litter, or paired together since birth. They were fine, until adolescence hit. They had to be separated and have never been able to live together since.

Pigs are almost impossible to figure out, and I think boys are the worst. And adolescence makes everyone crazy!!

This too shall pass. . .
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ah, well, thank you Jacqueline. I guess it really very well could be adolescence and I must agree that they are impossible to figure out! :) Sometimes they are okay together, other times, not so much. I'll keep an eye on them, if it becomes violent we'll have to separate them and if that happens hopefully by that time we'll have found a house to rent so we can get 2 cages, but I hope it doesn't come to that. How long does adolescence usually last with pigs? I guess Bullwinkle's got it full force right now.
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We had an issue when one of our mid-aged (3 years) pigs got sick and had to have an operation. She had to be separated from her sister for a few weeks, and then when we tried to put them back together they could not get along. They would chatter teeth and the healthy one would follow the sick one around. It sounded like they had turned from guinea pigs to rattlesnakes with all the constant chattering.

We finally did the partner bath and that worked. I'm not sure if it was jealousy, or the healthy one now wanted to be the alpha, but it was certainly stressful!
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This is insanely stressful, we're not sleeping because of this. Last night, same thing all over but this time Bullwinkle actually broke through my barrier and as huddled where Peanut was. It's bizarre. It's like he wants to be with Peanut, but he is just insistent that he follow him around and rumble at him and try to hump him and poor Peanut's got the worst end of this! in the world do I go about doing that? This from the woman who will bathe 3 cats in one night no problem and it scared of two little pigs. haha! Kitten shampoo? Do I have to dry them with the hair dryer (and wouldn't that scare them)?? Both of them together in the bathroom sink? A small amount of water in the bathtub? I'm willing to try anything at this point and if the partner bath is what I have to do, it's what I have to do! But we have to get some sleep!
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Seen it All And got the T-shirt
I think your problem is that Bullwinkle senses that Peanut isn't well. Many pig owners have noted that when one is not up to snuff, the other(s) follow them around, sniff, and generally initiate a dominance struggle. I'd separate one of them into another cage until Peanut is well again, even if it meant full reintroductions.

And can't you move them out of your bedroom?
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The buddy bath is definitely worth a try, it's something I learned about here and have used it very successfully.

It involves a inch or so of water in the bottom of the kitchen sink (in my case) then putting both piggies in together and getting them all lathered up and rinsed off together. You can then dry them off with the hair dryer together too. It's supposed to scare them a bit, but united against a common enemy, the idea is that they bond.

I've got some shampoo that's specifically for guinea pigs, I'm not sure if kitten shampoo is suitable for pigs, maybe someone else could give you more advise in that department?

I also cleaned and scrubbed the space they were going to occupy, so it didn't smell of either of them.

I was a skeptic initially since I'd had no success in getting Chive to cohabit with anyone (he's a really tetchy pig), and had tried all sorts, but he's been happily living with Lentil ever since his buddy bath.

Hope it works out and you get some sleep!!
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bpatters, the problem with moving them out of the bedroom is (1) space and (2) having them out of the bedroom means I can't keep Diamond away from them at night (we keep the door closed to the bedroom when he's inside). We live in a 1 bedroom apartment so that doesn't leave anywhere else to put them.

pig party, thanks for the info. I may try that and hope for the best. Peanut needs a bath anyway considering his fur is kind of gross under his chin from the medicine and hand feedings.
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plain old me
No buddy bath until Peanut is healthy.
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I guess I probably would wait to do the partner bath until both piggies are healthy. When we bathe them, we have a small washtub that's about the size of a cage grid square and maybe 4 inches high. We put them in the bathtub, but in that little washtub. We tried the sink, but we were stressed that they would leap out and fall on the floor, plus our piggies didn't really like having the faucet running on them, so we could get water in a cup and pour it more carefully in the tub. Ours also liked the water nice and warm and tolerated being dried with the hairdryer. When it was warm in the summer, we usually just towel-dried them and let them run around on a blanket on the floor.
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What I like about using the bathtub, is I don't really have to worry about them getting out so much. The sides are really too high. Also, there's plenty of room. I would like them to like getting a bath once in a while. I figure I stand a better chance of that in a big tub with more space. I try to put a towel or tub mat in the tub so they have some traction under their feet.

Some piggies can learn to,like a bath, if you're really patient and slow. Others never will. But a buddy bath is really meant to stress them into bonding. It's not a bad thing - it's just a way to achieve an end that will be better for them in the long run.
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