Help, everything is normal but she has soft stool

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Post   » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:41 pm

I am very new to having cavies as pets. This is going to be a long post...

I did the stupid thing and impulse bought the cavies my friend put in my arms at the pet store. Since then I've gotten her acquainted with another female companion and built them a much larger cage(c&c). I'm using fleece bedding over some crib pads as an absorbent layer. I built a kitchen area with the coroplast that has carefresh paper bedding where they get oxbow pellets, fresh water, endless hay, and daily veggies. I vacuum the cage every other day and change the bedding weekly. They get various combinations of peas, carrots, zucchini, green bell pepper, and romain daily (not all of them every day) and I've given them a small piece of banana once and one time some apple with the peal.

I've had them both for over a month now and late last night I noticed a strong small from the cage. After investigating there was no diarrhea just a lot of very soft stool. This morning I did a look over of both girls, they both look fine (eyes, ears, nose). Isabelle had a messy bum but seemed otherwise healthy, Annabelle seemed perfectly healthy. They're both eating and drinking Isabelle is no less active than normal. Isabelle at first didn't even touch the veggies but now both of them go ham at feeding time.

I did just notice that Isabelle is putting more effort into her wheeking, it sounds more breathy, if that makes sense. But her normal breathing doesn't sound labored at all.

Besides the veggies the only other major change I can see, besides the move of course, would be the fact that the fire alarm went off in my building two days ago. It was loud as h ell and high pitched as well. I grabbed my girls as fast as I could and got out... unfortunately they were put in a fabric padded hut of sorts. The first thig I did was walk just down the street to a petco and purchased a small dog airline carrier with mesh sides. They were obviously a lot more comfortable in that but I realize how scared they must have been...

As selfish as this sounds I feel like I've been doing everything wrong, what do you all suggest? As it is a Sunday I won't be able to take them to a specialized vet as they are all closed and I'm afraid of taking them to an emergency clinic because I fear the lack of a specialized doctor. My plan is to take them into a vet on Wednesday, when I next have time off, unless you tell me otherwise.

Thank you for sticking with me though this super post.

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Post   » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:16 pm

Brief suggestions as I'm not able to post at length; hope others will. Stop all food but hay and pellets. Weigh them daily. Separate them so you can tell if both are unwell or only Isabelle. Some would say that her heavy breathing constitutes an emergency and you should not wait until Wednesday.

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Post   » Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:08 pm

I agree about stopping everything but hay and pellets. If the stool firms up, as it should, after 48 hours you can start adding veggies back, one at a time, 48 hours in between each new one, until you find one that's causing the problem.

I do disagree about separating them. Mine always get really stressed if separated, and if you're pretty sure you know which pig it is with the soft poop, there's no need to keep them apart.

I also wouldn't worry a lot about the breathing when wheeking. Sometimes my pigs put much more effort into wheeking than at other times. If her regular breathing is normal, I'd just keep a very close eye on things, and get her to a good exotic vet if she develops any symptoms of a URI.

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Post   » Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:04 pm

Are you sure they are both females? How soft were their droppings? What color? A very rich diet can also result in more cecal feces being produced which are very stinky and usually greenish in color. Males can also be very stinky -- adding these thoughts in case you are not looking at early diarrhea. Read also:

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