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I don't know what happened. My girl is on a "z-pack" for her URI/possible pneumonia. She's on a long 30 day course she's also literally a baby. Only a few months. I went to stay at college for 3 days. Day one my baby girl was fine she took her meds and was eating and drinking. Day 2 my mom calls and says she has diarrhea. I tried to get my mom to explain what she meant but she didn't do so and told me not to worry. I asked after her later on and was told she was doing fine. Day 3 I wasn't feeling well and was really missing my baby so I came home. When I got home she greeted me and was the picture of health. I ate dinner then I went to grab her so I could clean her cage. SHE LOOKED DEAD. She wasn't moving and her legs were up. I screamed for help and my dad got her and we saw she was barely alive. We both panicked. Started giving her water, cc and vitamin C via syringe. I was holding her saying my goodbyes and she perked up? She had some cc out of a spoon and seemed to be very weak but alive. She's back in her cage now (as I'm supposed to be asleep but waking up every 2 hours with her) and she's eating hay. Ran straight for it. I have no idea what happened so if anyone could help me demystify this that would be incredible.


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How strange. Was the room she is in very warm? And what do you mean her legs were upwards? I would weigh her and get her checked by the vet. It’s good that she’s eating.


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Diarrhea can be fatal to GP, especially babies. Is she still having it? If she hasn't had normal poops yet, she needs to be at the vet soon. What are her symptoms for a URI/pneumonia issue? It's possible that she may be showing signs of scurvy (they can be misinterpreted at first, even the vets on TV do it). If she does have scurvy it would explain why she perked up a bit once you gave her some, but it wouldn't be a long term fix. What are you feeding her?

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Stop the antibiotics.

Z-pac is azithromycin, and while it's effective against a lot of organisms, it's very hard on a pig's gut. With a baby pig, I'd definitely want to try something else first before pulling out such a big gun. And even if I had to use it, I'd want to try it in a nebulized form first.

What kind of symptoms is she having? And how was the possible pneumonia diagnosed?

Also, was this an exotic vet who treated her? Small animal vets are trained to treat dogs and cats, not "pocket" pets.

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