Ivermectin can be used orally to kill mange mites. Ivermectin is safe for pregnant sows. The young are best treated after they reach 12 ounces (340 grams) in weight. Treatment must be repeated at least once, 7 to 10 days later to kill the emerging mites (ivermectin does not kill the eggs). For complete directions, read The weight and dose chart below can be used for solutions of 1mg/cc.
Remember, the safest way to treat your guinea pigs for mites is to see a vet -- overdoses can kill.

Ivomec Injection Solution. Ivomec Injection (10 mg/ml) can be diluted with 9 parts propylene glycol or with a vegetable oil like canola. Thoroughly mix 1 ml of injectable ivermectin with 9 ml propylene glycol or vegetable oil. Guinea pig owners report propylene glycol mixes best. This mix will treat 50 kilos (110 pounds) of guinea pigs.
1.0cc Ivomec Injection + 9.0cc propylene glycol YIELDS 1mg/ml Ivermectin Solution

Horse Paste Solution. The horse paste sold in the U.S. comes in a tube marked for various weights of horse by pound. A whole tube contains enough ivermectin to treat a 1250 pound horse. To dilute the horse paste into a solution yielding roughly 1 mg ivermectin/ml, examine the tube and squirt a dose for a 250 pound animal into a clean jar that can be covered tightly. This dose (a portion of the whole tube) contains 22.74 mg ivermectin. Add 22.0 cc of propylene glycol, vegetable oil or water (people report water works best). Shake thoroughly. One cc of this mixture contains slightly less than 1.00 mg ivermectin/ml.
250 pound dose + 22.0cc propylene glycol YIELDS approx 1mg/ml Ivermectin Solution

The dose is administered orally (by mouth) using a small 1 cc needleless syringe. Shake immediately before drawing the dose to ensure the ivermectin is mixed well. The dose will be a small amount, perhaps a few drops. Repeat at least once, 7 to 10 days later. Formula: weight in kilos X 0.2mg/kg = DOSE in mg. Solution has 1mg/cc so if your dose is 0.2mg, use 0.2cc. If use water to dilute the dose, discard after using and mix a fresh batch for subsequent treatments


WEIGHT OF GUINEA PIGORAL DOSE in cc's (1 cc = 1 ml)
1mg/cc Diluted Ivermectin
   Kilos  Grams  Approx oz    Approx lbs & oz
  0.340 kg  340 grams  12 oz  0 lb - 12 oz  0.07 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  0.4 kg  400 grams  14 oz  0 lb - 14 oz  0.08 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  0.5 kg  500 grams  17.6 oz  1 lb - 1.6 oz  0.10 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  0.6 kg  600 grams  21 oz  1 lb - 5 oz  0.12 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  0.7 kg  700 grams  24.6 oz  1 lb - 8.6 oz  0.14 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  0.8 kg  800 grams  28.2 oz  1 lb - 12.2 oz  0.16 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  0.9 kg  900 grams  31.7 oz  1 lb - 15.7 oz  0.18 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  1.0 kg  1000 grams  35.2 oz  2 lb - 3.2 oz  0.20 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  1.1 kg  1100 grams  38.7 oz  2 lb - 6.7 oz  0.22 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  1.2 kg  1200 grams  42.3 oz  2 lb - 10.3 oz  0.24 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  1.3 kg  1300 grams  45.8 oz  2 lb - 13.8 oz  0.26 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  1.4 kg  1400 grams  49.3 oz  3 lb - 1.3 oz  0.28 cc Diluted Ivermectin
  1.5 kg  1500 grams  52.8 oz  3 lb - 4.8 oz  0.30 cc Diluted Ivermectin

Store ivermectin at room temperature away from light.

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