A Medical and Care Guide for Guinea Pigs


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The files on this page are formatted for easy printing. Make a copy for yourself, your vet, or for an adopter.
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Weight & Treatment Sheets

Recording your guinea pig's weight and medical treatments is a valuable tool for monitoring your pet's health.

Six record sheets (treatment on one side, weight on the other) are included in the Cavy Health Record Book, a handy reference, summarizing much of the information available on this site (Read More). If you're not already recording your guinea pigs' weight, start today!


Not all vets are aware that some drugs can be deadly to guinea pigs. If you have any concerns, print this list and take it with you (this list is also included in the Cavy Health Record Book).

Nutritional Charts And Guidelines

Links to these printable HTML pages and to additional information on nutrition can also be found in the Diet Section on the Nutrition and Hay Pages.

A sample list of the vegetables and fruits the author feeds her guinea pigs:

Information on the nutritional content of various fruits and vegetables, their vitamin C content, calcium content, and oxalic acid content of select vegetables:

Information on the nutritional content of various hays:

Ivermectin Treatment Pages

Mange mites are extremely painful for your guinea pig. Ivermectin is the treatment of choice. Always remember that the safest course of action is to have your veterinarian treat your guinea pigs for mites.

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