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LINKS - Diet Questions: Pellets and Hay

Favorite High-Quality Pellet Choices:
  • KM's Hayloft
    KM's Hayloft Alfalfa Complete and Timothy Choice pellets are only available online.
  • Oxbow Hay Company
    Oxbow's Cavy Performance (alfalfa-based pellets) and Cavy Cuisine (timothy-based pellets) are available online, at certain veterinary clinics, and in some pet supplies stores and feed stores.
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Favorite High-Quality Hay Choices:
  • KM's Hayloft
    KM's Hayloft offers Bluegrass grass hay, timothy grass hay, and a mix of alfalfa and Bluegrass grass hay.
  • Oxbow Hay Company
    Oxbow offers Western timothy grass hay, Orchard grass hay, alfalfa hay, and other speciality types of hay. Oxbow also offers hay cakes, which should not be considered as a substitute for grass hay. They are popular with some guinea pigs and may be fed in addition to grass hay.
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Think hay is "just hay"? There are differences:


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