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LINKS - Using Fleece as Bedding:
  • The Fleece Comparisons thread.
    Excellent descriptions of using fleece, the differences between types of fleece, and which types work best in a C&C cage. Photos are included.
  • The Fleece Project: The Study, from .
    An excellent thread describing how to use fleece in a C&C cage. It covers how to buy fleece, wash it, use it in the cage, and what to put underneath it. Photos are included.
  • How To Use Fleece
    WEAVER's step-by-step instructions, complete with wonderful photographs, show how to easily layer towels and fleece in a C&C cage.
  • Fleece Preparation
    Ideas and expert advice for preparing fleece.
  • Show Your Fleece!
    Photos of cage interiors, demonstrating many ways to use fleece.
  • When to Change Fleece and Towels
    Methods and frequency of cleaning a C&C cage with fleece and towels.
  • Organic Bamboo Cotton Fleece?
    Organic bamboo cotton fleece will not work in a C&C cage as a replacement for polyester fleece. You may be able to use it to replace the absorbent layer of towels.
Looking for unique alternatives to using towels or disposable pads underneath your fleece?
  • Cellulose Wadding as Bedding
    Sef1268 shares her experience with using cellulose wadding as disposable bedding in her boars' cage.
  • Bedding Experiment
    Is cardboard a good alternative for a disposable, absorbent layer underneath fleece?
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