Jonie (F) - Soft Droppings, Parasites

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Medical thread: Very soft stools in rescue pig

Jonie had soft, gooey droppings that would smear on bedding. Even after improving her diet, droppings continued to get worse until the consistency of pudding. Saw some improvement with one week of Bactrim. When Jonie switched to Flagyl, her droppings became blobby and really soft. Occasionally her droppings were stinky.

• X-ray
• Ultrasound
• Found parasites present the second time a sample was seen under a microscope

Diet Changes:
Eventually cut back on veggies and switched to 2nd cut timothy hay (symptoms were worse on 3rd cut and bluegrass).

• Oxbow digestive supplements
• Bio Sponge
• Probiotics

• Bactrim
• Flagyl
• Albon and Panacur (after parasites were found)
Other medical issues:
• Ovarian cysts

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