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LINKS - Posting Pictures Using Photobucket

To post pictures in the Guinea Lynx Forums, you will need an online photo-hosting account, such as Photobucket ( ).

After you have uploaded your pictures, you will create a link to your Guinea Lynx message thread:
  • From your Photobucket account, locate your picture.
  • Use the Resize button to make your photo smaller, if necessary. Message Board Size (640x480) is the best size for Guinea Lynx.
  • There is a set of "tags" usually underneath, or to the side of it.
  • Copy the one that says IMG Code.
  • In your Guinea Lynx thread, click on the To Reply Page button (bottom right hand of the screen).
  • In the Post a Reply box, paste the IMG Code.
  • Use the Preview button to view your picture.
  • Choose Submit to post your picture.
  • If you move your picture around in your Photobucket album, or delete it, the link will be broken. The photo will no longer be displayed in your Guinea Lynx thread.

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