Breeding Risks and Complications: Collected Stories

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Breeding Risks and Complications: Collected Stories

This collection of stories and threads reflects the many reasons why Guinea Lynx is an anti-breeding site.

Slavetofuzzy's Eliot (formerly Snickers)
Eliot, a very young rescued female, delivers four healthy pups. After the delivery she wasn't able to move her back legs. The vet determines that poor nutrition, pregnancy, and delivery damaged her hips beyond repair. Eliot is now receiving acupuncture, and, at a later date, laser therapy.

Kamalia's Spiderpig
Spiderpig, a female, delivers three pups; only one survives. The pup is not very active and dies hours later. Spiderpig dies the next day.

Slavetofuzzy's Mia
Mia, a young rescued female, begins spotting before her due date. She delivers one pup via C-section. Mia and her newborn baby, named Snowy, do not survive.

Feylin's Alice
Alice, a very young rescued female, dies while trying to deliver one very large baby.

Coco2's Coco
Coco, a young female, dies after giving birth to two pups. Neither baby survives.

101keller's Pedro
A young pregnant female from a pet store dies one day after delivering two pups. The healthier pup dies two days later. Pedro, the runt, experiences some hind-end paralysis before he dies at four weeks old.

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