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LINKS - Research FIRST
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It is vital that the entire family carefully research the needs of any animal before bringing one into the home.

As you begin your research into guinea pig ownership, you'll discover some of the things that many people may not realize:
  • Guinea pigs are not good "starter pets."
  • They do not make good pets for small children.
  • Most small children don't understand how to carefully handle small, delicate animals.
  • Guinea pigs are fragile and delicate.
  • They cannot take the roughhousing a puppy can.
  • They can't be trained to do tricks.
  • They don't typically play or interact with people in the manner of a cat or a dog.
  • They do not use a litter box.
  • They are confined to a cage and are not able to let you know when they don't feel well, unlike a dog or kitten will.
  • They are classified as "exotic pets" and require a special veterinarian.
  • An adult needs to be responsible for the guinea pig.
  • To find out more, please visit
Research. Take responsibility. Observe. And be ready for a visit to the vet. If you do, your pet will reward you with years of fun and love. These small animals are completely dependent upon you for food, water, clean housing, appropriate handling, and appropriate care. Please don't let them down.


The following threads are just a few examples of situations that happen daily. Some stories have happy endings; others do not. Please be prepared to care responsibly for your pets, and make a lifetime commitment to their care and happiness. Research, Responsibility, Observation, and Vet Care

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