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  • Animal Care Emergency
    Dr. Lynne Ford
    1635 - 17 Ave SW
    Calgary, Alberta

    Phone: (403)770-6388

    Dr. Ford is very kind and competent. This clinic is EMERGENCY ONLY and cannot be used for regular vet care or for more intensive procedures. I would only recommend Dr. Ford for guinea pig care- this clinic treats all animals and I'm personally not familiar with the other doctors' competency with guinea pigs. However, Dr. Ford was excellent when we required emergency care. She provided a thorough exam, a diagnosis, first-doses of medication and fluids, and she sent us home with plenty of antibiotics, painkillers, and critical care to last us until we were able to see a regular vet. Her services were extremely appreciated in a time of need.
    Contributed by: shannen - 5/2/2006, 11:42 pm
  • Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic
    Dr. Leticia Materi
    Bay 1, 2308 - 24th Street S.W.
    Calgary, AB T2T 5H8

    Tel: 403-240-3577
    Fax: 403-249-8160

    Dr. Materi is kind, caring, and extremely skilled. She is extremely thorough, is very knowledgeable, and brings an excellent "bedside manner" to the room. She is impressively competent in handling a fussy guinea pig through dental exams (she does not use anesthetic for trimmings), anal temperatures, ear cleanings, etc. Her staff is excellent, as well, and the clinic is well-run, efficient, and on-time.
    Contributed by: shannen - 5/2/2006, 11:42 pm
    Address updated: March 16, 2016
  • Dewinton Pet Hospital
    Dr. Eva Hadzima
    412 Pine Creek Rd
    DeWinton, AB T0L-0X0
    (just south of Calgary on Hwy 2A)

    Phone: (587) 317.0717

    Dr. Eva covers all exotics in this practice (DeWinton Pet Hospital), and she seems to do them all really well! She prides herself on educating her pet parents to make sure that you really are doing the best for your critters. I first saw them for a well-gecko visit, but when my smallest cavy developed conjunctivitis (and I called immediately because of you guys) they squeezed me in despite being full. "We don't like to wait, especially when it's the eye." Great staff in general.
    Contribued by: MusketeersPlus2 - 5/19/2015, 10:49 pm
Beaumont - Edmonton, Alberta area
  • Beaumont Animal Clinic
    Dr. Gerald Burant DVM
    4816 - 50th Avenue
    Beaumont, AB T4X 1J9 (30 minutes outside of Edmonton)

    Phone: (780) 929-6107

    VERY knowledgeable about exotics (and all other pets), I have taken my guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils to him. In fact he was at a clinic in Edmonton where I originally started seeing him, and I make the 30 minute trip out of town every 3 weeks to see him specifically for my hamster's teeth trim. He is very gentle, takes the time to fully examine, and he will also explain anything he finds in detail.
    Contributed by: Meowzer - 7/6/2006, 3:57 pm
Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Alberta area
  • Park Veterinary Centre
    Dr. Louis Kwantes, BSc, DVM, MSc
    Practice Limited to Small Animal and Exotic Pets
    101 Broadway Blvd
    Sherwood Park, AB
    T8H 2A8

    Phone: (780) 417-1119
    Fax: (780) 417-2600

    Dr. Kwantes and the other vets at Park Veterinary Centre seem very competent, knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Kwantes performed a neuter on my guinea pig Scooter, with no complications. Dr. Kwantes is also helping me to manage Scooter's recently diagnosed fibrosarcoma. Dr. Kwantes and Dr. Meckelborg also helped immensely in the treatment of Corky's URI. The clinic is clean and bright, the reception staff and the vet techs are friendly and gentle. The clinic also sells Oxbow small animal products. I have taken all three of our pigs to Park Veterinary Centre for check ups and necessary treatment over the past four years and I have never found them wanting in any capacity.

Barrie, Ontario
  • Dr. Julie Deroo
    Ferris Lane Animal Hospital

    133 Ferris Lane
    Barrie, On
    L4M 2Y1

    Dr. Deroo is very "Cavy Savy" and is an Exotics and Avaian Specialist. She has a warm and compassionate manner. Julie has over 30 Guinea Pigs of her own. She is very knowledgeable and willing to share information, treating clients as partners in the care of their animals. She is experienced in treating "Heart Pigs" and utilizes the services of a Toronto compounding pharmacy to ensure that dosages are correct for cavies.
    Dr. Deroo has helped us to care for 3 of our 6 pigges directly, and by way of advice and sharing of knowledege for our herd as a whole.
    Dr. Deroo is extremely gentle and considerate when the time comes to help animals "Over The Rainbow Bridge".
    Ferris Lane Animal Hospital also offers both evening and Saturday appointments.

    Of the many vets that I have seen over the years as a pet owner, Dr. Deroo is my favourite, by far. Her comittment to animals is evident in all that she does.
    Contributed by: Mommysews - J. Wolst 28/01/2011
Bowmanville, Ontario
  • Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. Kelly Latendresse
    Dr. Wendy Korver

    Address: 2826 King St. East
    City: Bowmanville (near OSHAWA)
    Phone Number: 905-623-4431

    Personal experience: This clinic has a fantastic environment. Kelly was great with my Charlie, as were the rest of the staff. Top notch vets and a fantastic place to take a GP or any exotic. very knowledgeable and super friendly staff. PLUS - THE STOCK AND WILL ORDER OXBOW PRODUCTS.
    Contributed by: cathmiller - 8/22/2005, 2:30 pm
Brantford, Ontario
  • Dr. Murdoch
    Dr. Crombie

    Windrush Veterinary Services

    26 Sixth Concession Rd
    RR#4 Brantford, Ontario
    N3T 5L7


    "The clinic is made up of the most kind and caring staff. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and understanding. Not only do they deal with all exotic pets but they do wildlife rehabilitation.
    I always feel confident going there, knowing my pets will receive the best/correct care."
    Contributed by: Abby (skinnypigs1) - 9/14/2014
Guelph, Ontario
  • Dr. Beaufrere
    Dr. Laniesse
    Dr. Wills

    ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE - Veterinary Teaching Hospital

    Avian and Exotics Service - open 24/7
    University of Guelph
    Guelph, ON N1G 2W1
    Phone: (519) 823-8840/ Fax: (519) 767-0440
    Contributed by email: Bonnie Wakefield, RVT - 2/13/2014
Mississauga, Ontario
  • Southdown Animal Clinic
    Dr. Donald V Warren
    2106 Truscott Drive
    Mississauga, ON
    L5J 2A6

    Phone: (905) 823-3900

    Personal experience: Dr. Warren is very knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. He performs surgery on small animals, including dentistry.
    Contributed by: nonamian_girl - 5/9/2009, 6:43 pm
    Website verified: March 16, 2016
Oakville, Ontario
  • Dr. Wolfgang Zenker
    Dr. Lisa McKinnon

    Burloak Animal Hospital

    3060 Lakeshore Road West
    Oakville, ON, Canada
    L6L 1J2
    Phone: 908-827-1171

    We are an animal hospital located in Oakville, Ontario and we see canines, felines, small animals (including guineas!), avians, and reptiles.
    Contributed by email: Burloak Animal Hospital - 3/7/2015
  • Dr. N. Sandha
    FoxCreek Animal Hospital

    2501 Third Line Unit#12
    Oakville ON L6M 5A9
    (This is at Third Line and Dundas St. )
    Tel. 905-469-0800 M-F 8am to 7pm S 9amp to 1pm
    Fax 905-469-6036

    Shortly after adoption, 4 year-old Rio (short for Mario of Nintendo fame) fell sick. Your website did a great job of helping us understand his problems better. After seeing a couple of vets we had his surgery done. I am grateful to Dr. N Sandha who removed stones and sludge. Attached is a photo of the stone in comparison to a q tip and Rio with Dr. Sandha after recovery. Rio made a speedy recovery after being hand fed by my wife. I would like to recommend Dr. Sandha and share Dr. Sandha's contact information in case someone needs an experienced vet in the Toronto GTA.
    Contributed by email: Varun - 6/30/2007
Ottawa, Ontario
  • Riverside South Animal Hospital
    Dr. Sherri Dennett

    Address: 4184 Spratt Rd, Unit 4
    City: Riverside South (Ottawa)
    Phone Number: 613-822-6009

    Personal experience: I brought one of my pigs to Dr Dennett with a suspected UTI. She and her staff were very friendly and helpful. She isn't an expert, as she admitted to consulting some books and an online vet resource but seemed very interested in learning more.
    Contributed by: rynamyn - 01/27/10, 10:30 am
  • Carling Animal Hospital
    2268 Carling Avenue
    Phone: (613) 725-3439

    Personal experience:
    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean environment. Separate waiting room for small animals and cats. I've brought my Guinea Pigs to see Dr. Clement and Dr. Ellison quite a few times, they're both very nice and knowledgeable about Guinea Pigs and their health.
    Contributed by SP by email 1/18/2018
Pickering, Ontario
  • Pickering Animal Hospital
    Dr. Susan Mcmillen

    1450 Kingston rd
    northwest corner of kingston and valley farm
    Contributed by: kaylabean - 2/26/2005, 8:57 pm
Rockland, Ontario
  • Clarence Rockland Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Erik Petersen

    Address: 2935 rue Laurier
    City: Rockland
    Phone Number: 613-446-7266

    I brought my guinea pig here with another UTI. Dr Petersen was very nice & seemed quite knowledgeable. I was able to get an appointment for the same day on short notice. Unfortunately they don`t seem to have a website.
    Contributed by: rynamyn - Sept 6, 2012
Thorold - St. Catharines/Niagara Region
  • Dr. Alistair Ker
    Thorold Veterinary Hospital

    2-B Sullivan Ave
    Thorold, ON
    L2V 2X9

    Tel : 905-227-7644
    Emergency : 905-227-7644
    Fax : 905-227-8820

    I've only recently become a cavy owner, so I've only been to this vet once. My young skinny boar was treated here for a URI. Very accomodating to squeeze in an appointment for an urgent problem. Also sells Oxbow products. Comes recommended by other vets in the area, as well as the employees of the local pet supply shop I shop at. Also treat other small animals, as well as reptiles.
    Contributed by: fairysari - 4/26/2006, 2:10 pm
Toronto, Ontario
  • Amherst Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Ginger Louws
    3206 Eglinton Ave E
    Toronto, ON
    M1J 2H6

    Phone: (416) 261-3322

    Dr. Ginger Louws used to be with Animal Hospital of High Park.
    I have no personal experience with [this] clinic, but it may be worth adding to the list.
    Contributed by: Tashab - 3/2016
  • Animal Hospital of High Park
    3184 Dundas Street West
    Toronto, ON.
    M6P 2A3
    Phone: (416)763-4200
    • I've been up there twice now with Sniper to have his teeth done. When I called to book the appointment I asked to speak to a vet first so I could ask questions. Dr Regan very kindly called me back and answered all my questions for me. When I went the first time I saw Dr Lane and the second time, Dr Dawson. They are both very good vets. Everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful. I searched from an exotics vet for a bit and this one was highly recommended by 3 of my local vets.
      Contributed by: piggyless - 9/15/2004, 3:18 pm
    • I've been going to the Animal Hospital of High Park since I adopted my girls, and they've been very positive even though Princess was adopted with a serious mite infestation. We've been seeing Dr. Louws, who is always willing to have a dialogue, answer questions and take suggestions. When Princess had her biopsy they called & gave us regular updates, made sure she ate when she woke up, and were available by phone to answer questions post-surgery. The one time we saw Dr. Regan, it was also a very positive experience. They also now carry Oxbow products. The only questionable care advice received from here was to add vitamin C to their water, if they would drink it. All other advice has been spot on with GuineaLynx.
      Contributed by: Tashab - 8/03/2009, 1:20 am
    • Dr. Ginger Louws is no longer with the Animal Hospital of High Park. She's now working at the Amherst Veterinary Hospital on the other side of town. I have no personal experience with that clinic, but it may be worth adding to the list.
      Contributed by: Tashab - 3/2016
  • Greenwood Park Animal Hospital
    Dr. Sam Munn
    1041 Gerrard Street East
    Toronto, Ontario
    M4M 1Z6

    Phone : (416) 778 - 6666
    Fax : (416) 778 - 6688

    Dr. Munn has treated numerous of my own guinea pigs as well as many others that I know. He is experienced and highly skilled in all areas including diagnostics, surgery and medicine. He is always willing to learn new things, do research and consult with other vets. He tries his best to work with the specific requirements of his clients, always being available to talk over the phone, working with costs, etc.
    Dr. Munn is very rescue oriented and does everything he can to support numerous animal charities, rescues and shelters. He has a great love for guinea pigs as well as other smaller pets and it really shows in how he handles and cares for my own loved ones.
    Contributed by: AliceMcmallis - 7/15/2005, 11:19 am
  • The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic
    Dr. Rick Axelson
    Dr. Evan Mavromatis
    Dr. Hanadie Nur

    41 The Links Road
    Toronto, Ontario
    M2P 1T7

    Phone: (416) 223-1165

    We are an exotic animal practice and all of our veterinarians are experienced in treating guinea pigs. The clinic provides a wide range of medical, diagnostic and surgical services for guinea pigs including - but not limited to - tooth trimming, dietary and environmental guidance, spaying and neutering, treatment for mites/parasites/skin problems, respiratory infections, tumours, abscesses, diarrhea, urinary problems, etc.
    Contributed by email: The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic - 1/25/2016
  • Riverdale Animal Hospital
    901 Danforth Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario
    M4J 1L8

    Phone: (416) 465-4655

    I have been here several times with my piggies. Both Dr. Drabant (an exotics specialist) and Dr. Salama are very knowledgeable about cavies and have excellent bedside manners. They took bacterial cultures to check for URIs, have only prescribed safe antibiotics, and have always provided same-day or next-day appointments. They stock Oxbow Critical Care, and are willing to answer questions over the phone. Recently, Dr. Salama took 15 minutes to explain lab results to me and talk about my pig's condition free of charge when I didn't even have an appointment. They are open 7 days per week and have great hours (until 10pm on weeknights).
    Contributed by: TheVic - Jan 30, 2009

Quebec City, Province of Quebec
  • Hopital veterinaire de l'ormiere inc.
    Dre. Marie-Pierre Rainville

    4100 Boul. de l'Auvergne
    Quebec, Qc.
    G2C 1T8

    Phone: 418-840-0444

    Even though I went with an obvious bite on the rump, she took her time to check everything. Back bone, hips, teeth, she felt his tummy to see if she needed to x-ray. She even checked to see if he had other bites. She even looked to see if he had lice and mites. She even checked his boy bits. He even got a snuggle from her!
    Contribued by: rocky - 8/29/2015, 3:32 pm

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