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Northampton, UK
  • Simon Maddock
    Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic Ltd

    1 Limehurst Square
    NN5 6LP

    Telephone: 01604 478888
    Fax: 01604 468365

    Simon is interested in managing long term illnesses in Guinea pigs, especially dental disease. Simon will carry out dental work without GA where appropriate.
    For people who are not able to make use of the cat and rabbit clinic because of geographical location, TEAS services may be of help.
  • The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary
    tel: 01604 877220

    The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary enables guinea pigs who have ongoing medical issues to live a normal, happy life, whilst they receive the veterinary care they need. The Sanctuary specialises in the management of dental issues and the results achieved have been amazing!
    Places at the Sanctuary can be offered on a short term, long term or permanent basis and the programme of treatment is individually tailored to each piggies needs.

    Debbie/TEAS is happy to be listed, and she said Simon would be too. Without their help my Snowy wouldn't be here now. I would have had to euthanise due to the lack of skilled dental vets. A truly fantastic service that makes a difference to many pigs' lives. Hopefully with them being listed, they might help a few more who wouldn't know of the service otherwise.

    Contributed by email: Jessie - 6/15/2014
  • Joanna Hedley and Nadene Stapleton
    Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

    Royal Veterinary College
    Royal College Street
    NW1 0TU

    Contributed by email : Joanna Hedley BVM&S DZooMed (Reptilian) DipECZM (Herpetology)
    MRCVS Lecturer in Exotic Species and Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery - 03/27/2014
London - SW
  • C.J.Hall Veterinary Practices LLP
    15 Temple Sheen Road
    London SW14 7PY
    tel: 020 8876 9696

    We are an exotic pet first opinion and referral veterinary practice in SW London. We have been working with guinea pigs for 20 years. We are well equipped to diagnose our patients` conditions with a hospital standard x-ray machine and automatic processor, ultrasound scanner, endoscopy, ECG and on-site laboratory facilities to reduce the time spent to reach a diagnosis. The surgery has a fully equipped dedicated operating theatre with isoflurane anaesthesia, air drills, diathermy (a cutting system which minimizes blood loss), operating microscopes and surgical suction. We have full surgical facilities for operating on all species. We have full hospitalization facilities with temperature regulated hospital tanks as well as nebulization and piped oxygen for respiratory cases.

    Contributed by email: Zoltan Szabo DrMedVet MRCVS - 8/2/2009
London - South
  • Anne Taylor BVetMed MRCVS
    O'Meara Veterinary Surgeries
    • North Lodge
      150 Kingston Road
      Surrey KT17 2ET
      tel: 020 8393 6049
    • 6 Tattenham Crescent
      Epsom Downs
      Surrey KT18 5QG
      tel: 01737 359929
    • 438 Hook Road
      Surrey KT9 1NA
      tel: 020 8397 1776
    • 170a High Street
      Surrey SM7 2NZ
      tel: 01737 210011
    Anne is particularly interested in the treatment of guinea pigs and will examine/clip molars without anaesthetic.
  • Cambridge Cavy Trust
    Leewood Business Park
    Cambs PE28 5YQ
    tel: 01406 350571

    This is a registered charity and it costs £20 a year to join. They did, however, offer me telephone advice and an appointment for an emergency before I joined. Members have 24 emergency contact (text Vedra 07721 026401 - she will call you or tell you to call her back and she will pick up). They will also give non-members the name and address of the nearest Cavy experienced vet, or rodentologist to you.
    Contributed by: deborah - 1/27/2004, 11:38 am
  • Polly Cornwell
    Highcroft Veterinary Group

    Brislington Surgery
    115 Wick Road
    BS4 4HE
    also serving Kingswood, Longwell Green and surrounding areas
    Tel 0117 971 5115

    Polly is an exotic vet specialist and has a keen interest in guinea pigs. She will always put the guinea pig's interest first and will always try to do things without anesthetics. She is incredibly knowledgeable & I trust her a 100% with any of my pigs. If you're really stuck for money Highcroft will allow you to pay by installments or over the phone at a later date. they have several surgeries, but I recommend the Brislington one as it's Polly's main surgery & it's small and friendly.
    They also have a site full of info:

    Contributed by: Brainerror - 01/22/2010
    See also forum listing by Webs for " Scotland and England.
Hastings, East Sussex
  • Cooper & Associates
    309 The Ridge
    Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 2RA
    Tel: 01424 751595

    Very good with guinea pigs. Very reliable & knowledgeable. I trust them with my piggies wholeheartedly. They are prepared to do anything rather than put down a piggie they can help.
    Contributed by: Rebecca Sargent - 26th April 2010
Coventry, Warks
  • Your Vets 24
    1300 Herald Avenue
    Tile Hill
    CV5 6UB

    Several 'small furry' enthusiatic vets, including myself, work at this practice - we all love piggles and most of us have experience keeping them ourselves as well as treating them medically. One of our vets is also very experienced at concious molar teeth trimming (eliminating the risk associated with a general anaesthetic) and the practice sees regular rodent surgeries so we have plenty of experience operating on small pets.

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