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Charlotte / Concord / Kannapolis
  • Griffin Exotics Avian & Exotic Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Chris Griffin
    2100 Lane St
    Kannapolis, NC 28083

    Phone: (704) 932-8111
    • Dr. Chris only sees birds, reptiles, and small and furries.
      He spends a lot of time with you and goes over every aspect of what he is doing during the examination. He also carries the Oxbow product line. So far the only one that I have found to carry the GP stuff.
      Contributed by: cavydaby 7/11/2005, 4:54 pm
    • Dr. Griffin is fantastic. He was able to fit me in on a Friday evening when my lethal developed a huge tooth abscess and Dr. Powers was out of town. He is very rescue friendly and I will definitely use him again.
      Contributed by: Andrea babytulip07 - 12/2010
    Website verified: March 11, 2016
Charlotte / Huntersville / Matthews
  • Carolina Veterinary Specialists
    Dr. Lauren Powers

    *NOTE: Only Charlotte, Huntersville and Matthews accept avian, pocket and exotic pets. Dr. Powers (Exotics Specialist) is only on call at Huntersville.

    Carolina Veterinary Specialists Medical Center - Charlotte
    2225 Township Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28273-3903
    Phone: 704-504-9608
    Fax: 704-504-9606

    Carolina Veterinary Specialists Medical Center - Huntersville
    12117 Statesville Rd
    Huntersville, NC 28078-9278
    Phone: (704) 949-1100
    Fax: (704) 949-1101

    Carolina Veterinary Specialists' Huntersville location has passed the certification for designation of a Level II facility.​ This facility is open to receive small animal emergency patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Carolina Veterinary Specialists Medical Center - Matthews
    4099 Campus Ridge Road
    Matthews, NC 28104
    Phone: (704) 815-3939
    Fax: (704) 815-3940
    • I wanted to share vet info for the Charlotte, North Carolina area. There are 2 locations and information on their services and equipment. I took my Guinea Pig to a vet that is certified to treat exotic animal and she referred me to this clinic because she said they are experienced specialist with state of the art equiment to treat rodents. I use Dr. Powers personally for my two guinea pigs (Pigglet and Cappuccino). Here in this area of North Carolina it is hard to find a vet or anyone that is familiar with Cavies. She is very through and has owned guinea pigs herself.
      Contributed by e-mail: Michelle - 1/23/06
    • Dr. Powers is great. She is the exotic specialist for this facility and takes exotics as regular patients. When my piggies went in for their check up she was very thorough and even followed up to make sure they were maintaining their weight. Recently my two boys, Piggie and Cappuccino got into a tiff on a Sunday afternoon. They wound up with some nasty bites wounds. Cappy needed stiches on his lower eye lid and Piggy needed to have the wound on his rump check out. Dr. Powers was not working that Sunday but her staff called her. She came in straight away and took care of them.
      Contributed by: Mittie - 5/1/2006, 6:21 pm
    • Dr. Powers is the regular vet for the Charlotte chapter of All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary. She gives us fantastic discounts and has even helped foster for a few weeks while we made room. She is the most knowledgeable exotics I have ever worked with. The trauma center is open 24 hours a day and Dr. Powers is always on call for emergencies. They let you drop off in the morning and pick your pet up later which keeps me from having to take off work every time someone needs to go to the vet. The techs and front desk staff are extremely helpful and friendly. The Carolina Vet Specialists are highly recommended.
      Contributed by: Andrea babytulip07 - 2/19/09
    Website verified: March 11, 2016
  • Wilkinson Animal Hospital
    Dr. Kristen Virgin, DVM
    513 Ledwell Street
    Gastonia, NC 28056

    Phone: (704) 824-9876
    Appointment: (704) 412-9775

    She focused her education on small animals, birds, and exotics.

    I thought my guinea pig could have mites so I took him to Wilkinson Animal Hospital . They also have a retired doctor that fills in for them when needed that treats exotics as well. His name is Dr. Kim Moore. My Guinea Pig has seen Dr. Moore and Dr. Virgin. They both were very through and took very good care of Spike. Dr. Moore even called my house to follow up on the patient. Dr. Moore and Dr. Virgin said that even though the his scrapings did not show mites they wanted to treat him because skin scrapings often were inconclusive. They treated him with ivermectin and Dexamethasone because Spike also had Otitis Externa (Ear Canal Infection) and an impacted cerumen. The dexamethasone took care of the otitis externa but Dr. Moore felt poor Spike had been tramatized enough by the two shots he received that day and gave me Tresaderm drops and Corium-20 to put in his ear for 10 days to try to loosen the ear impaction. It worked the impaction finally came out. It looked like pebbles. When he went for his follow up treatment the ear infection and impaction were gone and after his second treatment of ivermectin no more scratching him self bald. They gave me lots of brochures and information about Guinea Pigs. I refered my friends that have Guinea Pigs and they have been very pleased. Dr. Moore said that unfortunately people think of guinea pigs as disposable pets. He said it is important to get the word out that with the proper care Guinea Pigs are living longer healthier lives.
    Contributed by: Mittie - 9/4/2005, 4:37 pm
    Website verified: March 11, 2016
  • Avian and Exotic Animal Care
    Dr. Christine Eckerman-Ross
    8711 Fidelity Boulevard
    Raleigh, NC 27617
    Phone: (919) 844-9166
    • These guys really know what they're doing. Dr. Eckermann-Ross is the person to talk to about piggies, but they deal with all sorts of exotics. (There was a monkey there who OD-ed on some of his human's antidepressants when I was there...) They took really good care of Elliot and got him back on his feet in no time. They're also a local carrier of Oxbow products. (On a random side note- if you're closer to Chapel Hill/Durham, you can get Oxbow products at Animal Kingdom in Timberlyne Shopping Center in Chapel Hill.)
      Contributed by: chii - 5/25/2004, 8:27 am
      Updated location by email: Rebekah B., RVT - 2/22/2013
    • Dr. Dan, Dr. Leonatti, and Dr. Eckermann-Ross are the three best exotic animal veterinarians around. I have a guinea pig, a hedgehog, and a green-cheek conure, and they all go to Avian and Exotic. All three of the veterinarians know what they are doing in any situation and I always learn something new since they are all so knowledgeable. I used to take my guinea pig to another vet a lot because she had a problem and they couldn't figure out what it was, but not long after I started taking her to Avian and Exotic, they found out what her problem was and I was given just about every possibility there was when it came to how to help her. They don't just care about solving the issue with your animal, they actually care about the animal itself. They treat every animal they see with the kindness and compassion that it deserves, which is why I would not trust my animals in the hands of anyone else except those at Avian and Exotic Animal Care.
      Contributed by email: Jherbear - 3/15/2013
    Website verified: March 11, 2016
  • Dixie Trail Animal Clinic
    Virginia Brown, DVM
    Lori McKinnish, DVM
    3044 Medlin Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27607

    Phone: (919) 781-5977

    Dr. Brown and Dr. McKinnish have cared for my animals, and our rescue's animals for years. They're compassionate and thorough. They've done tumor removals on our various rodents, both cancerous and benign. They've spayed and neutered rabbits for us, performed surgery on a pig from the pound with an enormous bite abscess. They are always reliable, caring, and generous with their time and attention. They work just as hard with the tiniest mouse and squeakiest pig as they do for dogs and cats. They get to know every animal well. My rat, Drucilla, who needs frequent teeth dremmelling, actually seems to have a blast with everyone who works there.
    Contributed by: chii - 5/25/2004, 8:27 am
    Website verified: March 11, 2016

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