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Aston / Philadelphia Area
  • Avian and Exotic Animal Medical Center
    Gloria J. Goodman, VMD
    3000 Concord Road
    Aston, PA 19014

    Phone: (610) 494-2811

    Dr. Goodman has been great with our guinea pigs, and we've been seeing her for 3 years. She treats only birds, reptiles and small mammals, and we see many regular guinea pig patients there. They also offer boarding. Unfortunately, her office is not open on weekends, but sometimes phone messages will be checked by someone on staff that comes in on weekends for boarding animals. One of our pigs had a hay poke eye injury over the weekend, and after hearing our message Dr. Goodman was able to give us the appropriate antibiotics to treat her eye until our appointment. If emergencies are brought in during regular hours she sees them first.

    She's very thorough with her regular exams. She knows how to check molars under anasthesia, and she also performed a neuter on our boar, and did a very good job. She's also open to answering a lot of questions from curious pig parents, and she and two of her current techs have a great bedside manner. They also carry Oxbow products.
    Contributed by: capybara - 9/2/2004, 2:02 pm
    Website verified: March 13, 2016
Cranberry TWP
  • Animal General
    Dr. Michael Hutchinson
    Dr. Teresa Meyer
    20411 Route 19
    LaSalle Plaza, Unit 10
    Cranberry TWP, PA 16066

    Phone: (724) 776-7930

    Dr. Mike treated my boys for a few things in the 7 months I've been going to him. He treated Cyrus for an eye infection, both Cyrus and Gambit for mites (and did EVERYTHING guinea lynx said, including not doing a skin scrape since it rarely shows anything, he said he didn't want to hurt the piggies), and just recently did Gambit's bladder stone surgery. It was very risky as the stone moved into Gambit's urethra but he did a wonderful job.

    He has worked with guinea pigs since the 80s and has done everything right, including having me call 3 days after surgery (Gambit had it on a Thursday) so I can update him on how he was doing and being avalible to me when I have a question.

    Dr. Meyers saw Gambit on a Saturday (they a 8am-12pm Saturday hours) and she was very concerned and was so kind. She has a guinea pig and has worked with them for years as well. When I was waiting in the waiting room for Gambit's surgery to be started and obviously was very upset she kept checking on me.

    This group is so friendly and open to all knowledge that someone may have on their animals and he LISTENS to what you have to say. He's very gentle and good when examining the piggies and follows everything guinea lynx says a vet should do.

    He also is kind to me because he knows financially I am not in the best situation and he only charged me for one dose of Ivermectin instead of of all three and is reasonable priced. :)
    Contributed by: Gambits Mom - 2/23/2005, 12:39 am
    Website verified: March 13, 2016
  • Camboro Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Richard G. Orozco, DVM
    5989 Route 6N
    Edinboro, PA 16412

    Phone: (814) 273-1081
    Phone: (814) 734-1628 - Emergency Hours

    Dr. Orozco is the small animal vet here. He's really helpful and can even make the medicine taste good for the piggies (Zeus loved it!).
    Contributed by:twiggy_trace - 2/26/2005, 8:57 pm
    Website verified: March 13, 2016
  • Animal Ark Pet Hospital
    Dr. Robert Jung, DVM
    Dr. Michael Watts, VMD
    3024 West 12th Street
    Erie, PA 16505

    Phone: (814) 838-7387
  • Animal Kingdom Pet Hospital
    Dr. Robert Jung, DVM
    Dr. Michael Watts, VMD
    2222 E. 38th St. Erie
    Erie, PA 16510

    Phone: (814)825-0463

    I have only visited with Drs. Jung and Watts (though I'm told Dr. Christine Nestor, DVM and Dr. Kevin S. Ramey, DVM are also capable of dealing with exotics). The veterinarians move from Animal Ark to Animal Kingdom interchangeably, so there's no need to worry about going the extra distance if one hospital is closer than the other.

    Both of my pigs, Cerridwyn and Norene, have paid a couple visits and we're all pleased with the outcomes. The doctors take an active interest in my girls' health and are thorough in their examinations and questions. In fact, they diagnosed Cerridwyn's beginning malocclusion before I could hazard a guess. (She's currently recovering from a URI under their care).

    Actually, thanks to Jul312 and GuineaLynx, I've been told my girls are some of the healthiest pigs to go through those doors...obviously, except whatever their ailment happens to be.

    The staff and doctors are all extremely friendly and helpful. Appointments are easy to schedule...and even reschedule! I believe the hospitals are open until 7 p.m. so that's also incredibly helpful when you work the late shifts I do or just do not have the leisure during the day.
    I don't know what's considered average, so I can't give a completely accurate estimate, but their fees are somewhat on the expensive side, or so I feel. But for the health of my guinea pigs, it's a modest price.
    I am beyond relieved to have found them. Their expertise and compassion are unrivaled as far as I'm concerned.
    Contributed by:Celtic_Brindled_Wheeker - 3/11/2011, 3:51 pm
    Website verified: March 13, 2016
Fairless Hills
  • The Village Veterinarian
    Dr. Christine Polaneczky
    489 S. Oxford Valley Road
    Fairless Hills, PA 19030

    Phone: (215) 945-7900

    "I am opening up my own practice on September 6th..."
    Contributed by email: Dr. Chris Polanczky - 8/29/2011
    Website verified: March 13, 2016
  • All Pet Animal Hospital
    Dr. Edward R. Bennett, DVM
    5354 William Flynn Hwy
    Gibsonia, PA 15044

    Phone: (724) 444-6600
    Fax: (724) 444-6588

    Another exotics specialist in this area, but I've had no experience with him.
    Contributed by: jul312 - 1/25/2005, 10:04 am
    Website verified and address updated: March 13, 2016
Honey Brook
  • Honey Brook Animal Hospital
    Dr. Scott Gellman
    3784 Horseshoe Pike
    Honey Brook, PA 19344

    Phone: (610) 273-2887

    I have been working with guinea pigs since 2004 and I have extensive experience with all types of health problems. From severe dental disease to pneumonia to bladder stones to cancer, I have helped diagnose and treat many many piggies. Having owned guinea pigs for the last several years, I am familiar with the care and upkeep that is required to keep them healthy, comfortable, and enjoying their life.
    Contributed by: Dr. Scott Gellman - 2/8/10
    Location updated by Dr. Gellman on 1/25/2018 by email.
  • Neffsville Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. James Doman
    2555 Lititz Pike
    Lancaster, PA 17601

    Phone: (717) 596-5381

    Dr. Doman has been great with my five boars. He is cavy knowledgeable, and if he isn't sure on something, he isn't afraid to admit so and go do research on the topic. The staff at Neffsville has always been very kind and accommodating, and I've never had any problems getting my boys in there when they need to be seen.
    Contributed by: acanoffleas - 1/25/08
    Website verified: March 13, 2016
  • Bree's Animal Hospital
    7436 Frankford Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19136

    Phone: (215) 338-3219
    Fax: (215) 624-7466

    Contributor unknown.
    Website verified and updated: March 13, 2016
  • Boulevard Animal Hospital
    Dr. Brett J. Geffen
    1913 Grant Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19115

    Phone: (215) 969-1050

    Very friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, and educated doctors and staff. Very knowledgeable with pigs and exotics. Helped Piggy when she had a cyst. Highly recommended!
    Contributed by: Wilber - 3/11/2004, 9:22 pm
    Website verified: March 13, 2016
  • Girard Veterinary Clinic
    2806 W Girard Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19130

    Phone: (215) 232-0831

    Girard Clinic is a fairly well known and affordable office located fairly centrally in Philly. They are known for offering extremely good rates and service without compromising the quality of care. I recently took in three guinea pigs for ivermectin treatment; each was given a shot plus two future doses each, sent home with me, for a total cost of less than $60.

    There are some down sides, however. Firstly, they are in high demand and getting an appointment is nearly impossible. They also ONLY take afternoon appointments; in the morning they see patients on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must show up right at 8AM (or slightly earlier) to get put on a list, and only the first 15 clients are seen. The waiting room is very small and cramped, it seats perhaps 5-6 people and the rest must stand around. They also have several cats that wander around as in-clinic pets, so you will need to keep your piggies close and safe.

    Another drawback is that the Dr. who sees exotics seems a little mis-informed, which is tricky. She knows what she is doing, but at the same time she has said a few things that put me off. For instance, on my first visit for mites, she insisted on looking at my arm hair to see if perhaps I had also had them. Of course we all know GP mites do not cross over to humans, so this took be aback. ALso on one occasion she loaded a needle with Ivermectin and broke off the tip, which also broke the needle. When I tried to use it the fluid shot everywhere, and when I got a replacement from her she charged me another $25.

    However there are VERY FEW affordable and easy to access exotic vets in the Philadelphia area, especially for fairly urgent situations. My final verdict is that if you are on a budget and have an urgent - but not EMERGENCY - situation, feel confident that the people at Girard Vet Clinic will help you out.
    Contributor unknown
    Website verified: March 13, 2016
  • VCA Fox Chapel Animal Hospital
    Dr. Robert Wagner
    1152 Freeport Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15238

    Phone: (412) 781-6446
    Fax: (412) 781-8776

    Excellent Exotic's Vet. Is also an associate professor for the University of Pittsburgh, in veterinary; and is the exotic's vet for the Pittsburgh Zoo.

    All 14 of my pigs see this man. He is excellent; his staff is accommodating and even though he is only in on a regular basis on Mondays and Thursdays in the evening, he has another office where he can be seen more frequently, and getting an appointment has never been a hassle. They work with you. Nice people, nice place.
    Contributed by: jul312 - 1/25/2005, 10:04 am
    Website verified: March 13, 2016
  • Veterinary Emergency Clinic
    882 Butler Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15223

    Phone: (412) 492-9855

    An excellent veterinary emergency clinic, with limited exotics experience, but I have had to use them for my pigs, and was pleased.
    Contributed by: jul312 - 1/25/2005, 10:04 am
    Unable to verify website and clinic: March 13, 2016

  • Companion Animal Hospital
    Dr. Lynne McCaffrey, DVM
    335 Route 35
    Selinsgrove, PA 17870

    Phone: (570) 374-2247

    Sparklederp says: "She is very thorough and takes her time researching every symptom and proposed care regimen to make sure that we're doing everything for Corki that we can. I would recommend her in an instant."
    Contributed by: Sparklederp, June 8, 2016
    Website verified and address update: June 8, 2016
Shavertown / Scranton / Wilkes Barre Area
  • Trucksville Cat & Dog Hospital
    Dr. Mark E. Stair, DVM
    1070 Memorial Hwy
    Shavertown, PA 18708

    Phone: (570) 696-1146

    Dr. Stair has been wonderful both for my dog and my guinea pigs. He treated my guinea pig's abscess and infected sebaceous cyst with success. He's familiar with the correct protocols for anesthesia and antibiotics. The office is very good about getting appointments worked in in case of an emergency. They are also not out to gouge on prices. If the office is closed you can leave a message and usually Dr. Stair himself will get back to you.

    Edited to add: Double check everything when dealing solely with the staff and not Dr. Stair. They did try to give me a prescription CAT food for my dog when Dr. Stair wanted her on an over the counter diet.
    Contributed by: Seffy 18:59, 25 July 2010 (EDT)
    Website verified and address update: March 13, 2016
  • Animal Medical Center
    Dr. Brian Novak
    Dr. Karen Crocker
    25 West Third Avenue
    Trappe, PA 19426

    Phone: (610) 489-8982

    I highly recommend Animal Medical Center in Trappe, PA. Specifically Dr. Brian Novak as our primary doctor with Dr. Karen Crocker as our backup when he is unavailable. Dr. Novak has performed over 100 guinea pig spays and neuters and has never lost a pig either during surgery or post op recovery (the next 3 weeks). It was like night and day between the horrble neuter performed at Kutztown versus the awesome one at Trappe.
    (By the way, 8 years later, we now have 14 very spoiled piggies)
    Contributed by: Fallnangel113 - 8/5/2014, 6:27 pm
    Website verified: March 15, 2016

1/25/2005: jul312 writes, "Other exotics vets that I've found listed for PA in the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians:"
[Evangeline notes that this poster does not have personal experience with all of these vets -- Lynx]
  • David Bessler, DVM
    4111 Pine Street Apt. 1R
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Elizabeth Clark, VMD, MS
    Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
    2250 N. Old Bethlehem Pike
    Quakertown, PA 18951
    Phone: 215-536-6245
    Fax: 215-536-0226
  • Allison Clemens, DVM
    Hickory Veterinary Hospital
    2303 Hickory Road
    Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
    Phone: 610-828-6054
  • Lynn D'Allesandro, VMD
    Creekside Animal Hospital
    4 SR #309
    Tunkhannock, PA 18657
    Phone: 570-298-0800
    Fax: 570-298-0801
  • Toby Erlichman, VMD
    Animal Hospital of Chester County, LLC
    1353 Pottstown Pike
    West Chester, PA 19380
    Phone: 610-692-7561
  • Deborah Flake, DVM
    444 Tillie Town Road
    Biglerville, PA 17307
    Phone: 717-337-2785
  • Gloria Goodman, VMD
    Avian and Exotic Animal Center
    4342 School Lane
    Brookhaven, PA 19015
    Phone: 610-494-2811
  • Bret Greenberg, DVM
    Columbia Animal Hospital
    4081 Columbia Avenue
    Columbia, PA 17512
    Phone: 717-684-2285
  • Bridget McMahon, DVM
    Kutztown Animal Hospital
    7 S. Kemp Road
    Kutztown, PA 19530
    Phone: 610-683-5353
  • Craig Ott, VMD
    Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital
    RR 7 Box 7453
    Stroudsburg, PA 18360
    Phone: 570-339-8600
  • Denise Pleban, DVM
    Nothview Animal Hospital
    233 Siebert Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
    Phone: 412-364-5353
  • Arline Rosenfeld, DVM
    Buxmont Veterinary Hospital
    393 Langhorne Avenue
    Langhorne, PA 19053
    Phone: 215-741-0148
  • Linda M. Stahl, VMD PC
    Linda Stahl, M.S., VMD
    1601 Pineville Road
    New Hope, PA 18938
    Phone: 215-794-3379
  • Linda Stern, DVM
    Avian & Feline Hospital
    3300 Hartzdale Drive Ste. 108
    Camp Hill, PA 17011
    Phone: 717-730-3755
    Email: itstern@aol.
  • David Stelling, DVM
    David Stelling, DVM, PA
    PO Box 92494
    Homestead, FL 33092
    Phone: 305-278-2028
    Email: cybervet@mindspring.
  • Kathy Tracy, VMD
    Conchester Animal Hospital
    530 Conchester Highway
    Boothwyn, PA 19061
    Phone: 610-485-6008
    Email: katsavet@aol.

    Contributed by: jul312 - 1/25/2005, 10:04 am

Charleston, WV Area
  • Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital
    Sarah W. Stephenson, DVM
    3703 MacCorkle Ave SE
    Charleston, WV 25304

    Phone: (304) 964-7387

    Dr. Stephenson will make emergency visits and even offered to come in from an out-of-state visit once if I (well, my piggy) needed her, which is very helpful because the area emergency clinic only takes dogs and cats.
    Contributed by:twiggy_trace - 2/26/2005, 8:57 pm
    Website verified: March 6, 2016
Clarence, New York (near Buffalo) / Western Pennsylvania
  • Specialized Care for Avian & Exotic Pets
    Dr. Laura Wade
    Dr. Evan Reed
    10882 Main Street
    Clarence, NY 14031

    Phone: (716) 759-0144

    I love my veterinarian - Dr. Wade and Dr. Reed are both wonderful with my guinea pigs and they really care about making sure they are well. My vet has personally called me to check on my pigs when they have any illness! Every staff member there is friendly and kind.
    Contributed by: HBee 05/2015
    Website verified: March 10, 2016

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