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  • Sunset Animal Clinic
    Dr. Patrick Brown
    127 Professional Ave.
    West Columbia, SC 29169

    Phone: (803) 791-5575

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  • PetFriends Veterinary Clinic
    610 East Killian Rd
    Columbia, SC 29229

    Phone: (803) 699-6252
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  • HealthPointe Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. Sue Ann B. Hurlbert
    740 Shoals Road
    Duncan, SC 29334

    Phone: (864) 486-8177

    The practice is convenient to both Greenville (just a few miles away from BMW) and Spartanburg.

    I went to her when my 4-yr old male was getting worse (ended up going into GI stasis) after being on Bactrim (prescribed by a different vet from a different practice) for 3 days for a UTI. She specializes in exotics and immediately knew what to do (changed and added meds, ordered x-rays). She explained everything to me and would not release him until his GI output was improving. She encouraged me to come visit him, stay as long as I wanted to and answered any and all questions, as silly as they were. She called me on a Sunday to check on him and didn't mind me calling her at home (and I did).

    There's another vet there as well, Dr. Lauren Johnson, that took over for one day and she was just as excellent. She also currently owns 2 cavies as her personal pets.

    The vet techs were excellent. They all fussed over my pig, didn't mind my tears, and would go outside to get him grass to tempt him into eating.

    Excellent and knowledgeable care.
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  • Elgin Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Emily Hoppmann
    1240 Pine Street
    Elgin, SC 29045

    Phone: (803) 408-0383
    • I found Dr. Hoppmann through the South Carolina Guinea Pig Rescue, and she also strongly supports rescues. She is a very caring vet. She knew a great deal about all different exotics (yes I own several!) and is always willing to learn. I didn't have to wait long for my appointment, everyone was nice and I felt like Dr. Hoppmann really spent a great deal of time with me and my guinea pig. She is wonderful!
      Contributed by: Charles, 1/28/2008
    • Dr. Hoppmann is the SC Guinea Pig Rescue vet, she has proved knowledgable several times and is always open to research. She has been very supportive of the rescue's efforts and helps out in every way she can.
      Contributed by: Andrea, SC Guinea Pig Rescue, 2/10/2008
    • Dr. Emily Hoppmann writes:"... I am an exotics veterinarian in the Greater Columbia area of South Carolina. I have done an Internship in Exotic Animal Medicine, as well as worked with exotics as a veterinarian for the past 5 years. My clinic is Elgin Veterinary Hospital. The address is 1240 Pine Street Elgin, SC 29045. The phone number is 803-408-0383.
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  • Roper Mountain Animal Hospital
    Dr. Heather Gleaton
    14 Roper Corners Circle
    Greenville, SC 29615

    Phone: (864) 297-9190

    Not an absolute expert on pigs, but is very willing to listen if you bring printed out things from GL. She trimmed and filed my adopted pig's teeth when they were trapping his tongue. Knows what meds are dangerous for pigs. If I have an emergency with a small animal they are willing to fit me in that day because they know how fast these guys can go downhill. She has called a vet in Atlanta when she was stumped on one of my pigs. When I was convinced Morrison had a heart problem, she did an X-ray and said she saw nothing except a lot of gas and that if I wanted to try heart meds, that would be fine. (The heart meds worked and she was very happy!) I have never used her for surgery, but she has put my pigs under to check their teeth and they always come back fine!
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Mt. Pleasant
  • Exotic Vet Care
    Dr. Jose Biascoechea, DVM
    Dr. Katie Rainwater, DVM
    814 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.
    Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

    Phone: (843) 216-8387
    Fax: (843) 216-2828

    We are a specialty practice in Mount Pleasant, SC focusing on birds and exotic animals. Our doctors are Jose Biascoechea, DVM and Dr. Katie Rainwater. Both are very experienced guinea pig veterinarians. We deal with guinea pigs on a daily basis, perform spays and neuters weekly, and treat every imaginable issue and illness. We provide our clients with comprehensive care sheets and stress the importance of a quality diet including free-choice timothy hay and vitamin C supplements (either oral liquid - not in the water! or tablets).
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