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West Jordan
  • Animal Crackers Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Ross Anderson
    7540 S Redwood Rd
    West Jordan, UT 84084

    Phone: (801) 810-0360

    Dr. Anderson successfully treats many guinea pigs and other exotics. His card says he has "over 29 years experience in Exotic Animal Medicine."
    He gave great care to my guinea pig in his last days. He prescribed the pain meds. my piggie needed after a severe impaction (the other vet did not). He also identified heart problems as the primary reason for my piggie's poor health. He obviously knows a lot about guinea pigs and believes their medical needs deserve the same serious attention that other pets receive.
    Contributed by: Jeanine, February 2008
    Website verified: March 6, 2016; however, Dr. Anderson is not listed as Staff on the website.
    * Note new location (by email): 7/13/2017 - Lynx

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