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North Adams, MA (Close to Bennington, Stamford, and Pownal, VT)
  • Greylock Animal Hospital
    Dr. Michelle Gorbutt (Exotics Surgeon/Vet)
    1028 State Road
    North Adams, MA 01247

    Phone: (413) 663-5365

    *Hospital Specializes in Exotics and Regular Animals
    *Very knowledgeable exotics vet that has dealt with many Guinea Pigs.
    *They are very knowledgeable in the allergies & medications in cavys.
    *Only downfall: Sometimes overpriced

    Castration (Neuter) Costs around $44 assuming there are no complications. Quick surgery, In and Out and they provide excellent recovery care and support over the phone. Doctors are on call 24/7. Rather good price for this surgery.

    Do not bring your cavy to the Animal E.R. Of The Berkshires (pittsfield, MA) if recomended to. They are not affiliated with Greylock and have been known to provide medications that are lethal to cavys!
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