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  • Companion Care Vets Stirling
    Inside Pets at Home
    Springkerse Retail Park
    Monro Road
    Stirling FK7 7TL

    Telephone: 01786 468060
    E-mail: stirling @

    "We are experienced in caring for sick and injured Guinea Pigs, have excellent dedicated small exotic hospitalisation facilities, and have a many years experience in treating various medical and surgical problems such as bladder stones, and ovarian cysts. We can also advise on Guinea Pig husbandry and preventative healthcare, and have a high number of happy, healthy Guinea Pigs registered with the practice. We actively support the Pets at Home Support Adoption charity, aimed at finding good homes for otherwise unwanted exotics such as rabbits and guinea pigs."

    "We are open 7 days a week, with no weekend surcharges for registered clients and lots of free parking on site. The surgery is managed by the owner, Vikki Halliday BVMS MRCVS."
    Contributed by email: Vikki Halliday - July 11, 2011
  • Apex Vets
    Apex Veterinary Centre
    Winchester Avenue
    FK6 6QE
    01324 829989
    OUT OF HOURS CALL 01324829989

    "We have experience in the routine and can offer some of the less routine services, when appropriate! Such as sevoflurane anaesthesia, cystotomy/urolith expulsion, medical and surgical treatment of ovarian cysts etc."
    Contributed by email: Glenn Hodgson - November 11, 2010
SCOTLAND, North East
  • TAY Veterinary Centre
    260 Clepington Rd, Dundee.
    01382 884411

    I've been with this practice, for many years, the staff are excellent in looking after cavies, and I can't find fault with them, reasonably priced too. Patch has been in the wars, and his teeth are the latest problem to emerge, so he gets booked in for Xrays etc.

    Ms Maharaj is Patch's primary Vet, she is brilliant and puts you at ease, answers any questions, she knows about this website and she very cavy savvy. Patch will also see Mr Connachie (The Boss) and Bill who is a large animal Vet, who amputated Patch's infected leg last year and has a wee soft spot for my wee boy too.
    Contributed by: patch'smummy - 4/14/2006, 2:34 pm
  • The Lawrie Veterinary Practice
    Dr. A. Lawrie
    kenilworth Court,
    North Carbrain Road
    Glasgow, Lanarkshire
    G67 1BP

    (Associate surgery in Falkirk)

    Phone Number: 01236 727876

    Personal experience: I used this veterinary practice and my guinea pigs case was quickly refered to Dr. Lawrie who is the "small animal specialist" at the practice. While Health and Safety in the UK and a need for a crisp picture does not allow them to perform X-rays under sedation they seem careful with anasthetic on extremely sick guinea pigs.

    The surgery performed the following tests on my guinea pig: X-ray (Dental and full body), bloodwork and an endoscope.

    The surgery admitted my pig for intensive care and carried out the following: Tooth rasping, anasthetic (the gas stuff), SubQ's (3x daily) vitamin suppliments, gut mobility drugs, antibiotic (NOT Baytril) pain medication and force feeding.

    On a client-Vet relationship side, the staff seem friendly and the vets seem to listen to every symptom described. They are willing to investigate aliments suggested by their clients (I asked that his heart be checked which they did.) and when explaining results they don't rush through phone calls and ensure you, the owner, are happy with what's happening before hanging up.

    The cost of 3 days intensive care, including the above mentioned tests was £143 (rounded up.)
    Contributed by: NoCableisSafe - 8/10/2007, 10:57 am

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