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  • Susanne Dertz
    Vennesla Dyreklinikk (Vennesla Animal Clinic)

    Støavegen 4
    4700 Vennesla
    Telephone: 38 15 56 00

    Web site:

    Susanne is very friendly and helpful and especially fond of guinea pigs.
    Thorough, knowledgeable, but admits they don’t see too many pigs at the
    clinic, so their experience is limited. Very willing to learn, though,
    and investigates a lot if unsure or to confirm theories, calls you
    back if necessary. Nice staff and well equipped clinic.
    Have just started to sell Oxbow products.

    I have also talked with her colleagues, Kirsti Bjørndal (now on maternity
    leave) and Caroline. Both are friendly and seem knowledgeable.

    Contributed by: Poppypiggy - 01/25/2008

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