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LINKS - Toenail Injuries
  • Hermes - Bite on Foot (Brimstone's Hermes)
    Direct link to Pinta's expert foot wrapping instructions.
  • Link to infected toe and amputation (Pigsforlife3's Buttercup)
    Buttercup had part of her middle toe amputated, due to an infection. Excellent photographs.
  • Wrapping a foot (Suisan's Rosa)
    Discussion of treating infected toenails, and the best way to wrap a cavy's foot. Great photograph by Wheekness.
  • Broken Nail (Janno's Patch)
    Photograph of cauterized toe, after the toenail completely broke off.
  • Nail/toe injury (Aml1676's Rosy)
    Discussion of treatment for swollen and injured toenail
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