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Think you are purchasing a nice healthy young guinea pig?

Think again!

Far too often guinea pigs purchased at pet stores are ill, missexed, and/or pregnant. They may have life threatening respiratory diseases or parasitic infestations. The majority of guinea pigs found in pet stores are purchased from pet mills. When there are already thousands of homeless guinea pigs, choose to adopt instead!

Female pigs can be pregnant: Pet store guinea pigs can have parasites and/or serious illnesses:
  • This purchased pig has lice and illness.
    Junior, a young male, slowly recovers after weeks of handfeeding, vet visits, and patience. His owner successfully won her case against the pet store, and received reimbursement for Junior's numerous medical expenses.
  • This purchased female has a contagious illness and maggots.
    A pair of young females arrive in their new home with an illness that is highly contagious to other guinea pigs (Cervical Lymphadenitis). One has maggots feeding on the ruptured cyst on her neck.
For further information, please view these discussion threads about pet stores and where those cute little guinea pigs come from: What to do for a pet store guinea pig in need: See Also:

What is Rescuing and Adopting? from
Excellent explanation of what "rescuing" and "adopting" really mean.

Cavy Spirit's Pet Store page from
Informative definition of the "pet store cycle", and what you are truly supporting when you buy anything from a pet store that sells animals.

The Hollister Guinea Pig Rescue Story and The Hollister Photo Album from
The heartbreaking story of 187 guinea pigs seized by Animal Control. Warning - graphic photos.

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