Rhett (M) -- Severe Pododermatitis

Pododermatitis (bumblefoot) · Toenails · Spurs
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Rhett (Amaretto), Male (intact), Red and White American

Pulled by Rescue Volunteer from a shelter 1/06. Surrendered by a teacher; previous classroom pet.

Transferred to me as a permanent foster by CavySpirit.
At least 2-4 years old (probably older).

Presenting problem: Severe pododermatitis in forepaws. Calloused and swollen rear feet, but not obviously infected.

Other problems (Multiple): Severe emaciation (weight loss), hair loss (suspected mites, but no pruritis/itchiness), sebaceous cyst and other lumps. Eventually discovered to have a liposarcoma in his abdomen (after exploratory surgery for hematuria/bloody urine 8/06).

Euthanized on the surgery table 8/06.

Pic of skin/hairloss and sebaceous cyst
View from Rear
Side View
Foot Pic w/Scabs in Place
Foot Pic Size Comparison
Foot Side View
Naked Belly Pic
Rhett's Pictures w/Updates

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