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Hay or an alternative flooring can work for you!


While hay is not a good bedding material when used alone, it works well when combined with other absorbent bedding materials, especially if you wish to set up a litter box. The hay itself is not absorbent and should be removed and replaced daily.


  • Natural product
  • Low cost when purchased by the bale


  • Molds easily
  • Not absorbent
  • Must be replaced daily
  • May be hard to find inexpensively Go Up


Wire floors are a poor choice for the floor of the enclosure as they can cause broken nails, toes and legs. The theory behind wire flooring is to allow the pee and droppings to fall onto a tray below.

EnviroTiles For some guinea pigs prone to urinary tract infections, an open grid floor can help to keep the guinea pig drier, resulting in fewer infections. EnviroTiles are a safe alternative and have been successfully used by a few guinea pig owners (try a Google search for other suppliers).


  • May keep guinea pigs drier


  • Cost
  • Availability
  • More difficult construction of housing
  • Requires absorbent material under tiles and cleaning/maintenance Go Up

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