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Paper Products As A Bedding Choice

CARE FRESH is a popular bedding material, although some people are not fond of it. Reportedly soft and absorbent, the primary drawbacks are price and some dustiness. Carefresh Ultra reportedly is not dusty but is more expensive. Critter Care and other generic Care FRESH type beddings are less costly but more dusty. One member's vet feels CareFRESH can aggravate respiratory problems.


  • Softness and modest absorbency


  • High cost
  • Some varieties are very dusty
  • Complaints that doesn't soak up as well as other products
  • Cage looks dirty even though you've just cleaned it
  • Difficult to notice bloody discharge if your pet is ill

YESTERDAY'S NEWS is not as popular a bedding material. One drawback is its heavier weight.


  • Less expensive than other paper based litters
  • Very absorbent
  • Great odor control
  • Unscented preferred over scented


  • High cost
  • Cannot easily spot-clean (the pellets are about the size of droppings so doesn't scoop easily)
  • Sticks to towels
  • Heavy when wet
  • Leaves a powder at the bottom
  • Reportedly stains white fur Go Up

CROWN ANIMAL BEDDING is similar to Yesterday's News. Observations from one user:


  • Doesn't stick to towels, fleece etc. like shavings do
  • Wet spots are easy to see
  • Heavier than aspen which means less ends up outside the cage (less vacuuming/sweeping etc)
  • Economical
  • Poops not visually noticeable


  • Heavy
  • Some dust, especially when pouring large amounts
  • Slight odor
  • Rougher texture than other beddings Go Up

MEGAZORB is similar to Care FRESH/Yesterday's News. Observations from one user:


  • Very absorbent
  • Less dusty than Care FRESH
  • Doesn't stick to towels/cozies
  • Doesn't stick to cage flooring either, even when wet
  • Heavy enough not to be kicked out of the cages
  • Fairly cheap if you have a local supplier


  • Heavy
  • Rougher texture than other beddings
  • Can have a slight smell, depending on the batch you buy
  • Poops visible on top of the bedding (objectionable to some people) Go Up


Ravenshade writes: "I've also tried EcoFresh (a white, paper-based cat litter) but found that to be almost as expensive (even though it was $5/bag, I needed two per cleaning for my pen) and less effective. The last bags I got were also dustier than the CF [Care Fresh]."

Sara writes: "Cell-Sorb is a GREAT alternative to Carefresh. I put paper towels, newspaper, then a layer of Cell-Sorb for my piggies. Cell-Sorb is not nearly as dusty, and packs down nice so the pigs don't fling it out of their cage. It also absorbs, expands, and softens as the pigs use it, keeps the smell contained longer then Carefresh. It's my preference!

LER writes: "Hunt Club, Inc. Is little pieces of cardboard. I tried it but it really didn't absorb well, in my opinion. The only pro I found was that it is light. However, the con of not absorbing leads to very soiled piggies. Plus, being so light, it flies easily out of the cages. So, I was not happy with it and went back to the wood pellets." Go Up

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