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Guinea Lynx 2016 Calendar

Photos in this calendar were contributed by Guinea Lynx Forum members (photos are captioned).

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Not available for sale in Virginia.

Current calendar holidays include Daylight Savings, and Easter (for chocolate bunnies everywhere). Acadian Day, Australia Day, Boxing Day, Brazil Independence Day, Canada Day, and several other national holidays celebrating guinea pigs around the world whose slaves are active members of Guinea Lynx Forums. Special days for this year: Wheek Like a Guinea Pig Day, Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, and the Solstices and Equinoxes, and last of all, National Chocolate Day.

We have also added a very special day in June, June 11th to be more exact: "Guinea Pigs Are Magic Day"! Our dear Fairy was born on June 11th and cared for lovingly by MildredM. Fairy was one of the most magic guinea pigs of all and she will be long remembered!

And we remember Bugs Mom, whose guinea pig Lady Bug, graces the cover of this calendar.

After 12 years of assembling Guinea Lynx' calendars, this will be the final calendar that Lynx captions, prints, and mails out. Thanks to all of you who have contributed your wonderful pictures over the years!

If you have any questions, write Lynx at:

Guinea Pigs are for Life