It happened on one of those zippidy doo dah days!

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Post   » Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:32 am

Finally decided to start a Chroincle, here goes nothing!

It was a few weeks after Christmas and the store was quite. I had no classes to teach and no customers to help. I stood staring as they placed the new baby piggies into the display cages. I had always wanted a guinea pig. It was my most desired pet after a dog (both of which my mom found/finds repulsive).

"They are so cute!" I chripped to my petcare friend. I always admired and swooned over the pigs sitting eating pellets and munch down their hay. Every spare moment I had was usually spent in front of the cages or reading the care guides and ownership book, gaining knowledge and increasing my desire to own one of these funny noisy critters.

While talking to my friend she mentioned there was a guinea pig in quarrantine who couldn't find a home because many people found him "too old" and she felt terrible for him.

"Poor guy had a terrible ear infection and now an awful head tilt and now everyone thinks he is too old and say his head tilt is strange, I feel so bad for him!! You should take him home!" My heart leapt at the idea of owning my very own squishy pig.

Now to convince the husband on the idea.....

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Post   » Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:49 pm

Do you have a piggy yet or still thinking about it? 2 is always better than one :)


Post   » Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:32 am

Actually I have 6! Not to spoil the story! lol


Post   » Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:28 am

" We have 3 dogs, do we really need a guinea pig?" my husband asked incredulously

"You know I have always wanted one, and this poor guys is all alone (that's it play on the sympathy card)" I said with a pout.

"Well, ok but...YOU are the one taking care of the thing!" he said finally.

I headed to work the next day to meet my pig. I entered the isolation room, there I found the small bin with the sweet chocolate brown pig lying in a pigloo. Immediately upon bending down to greet the little guy, he came right out and over to me, used to people comeing to visit to give him medication. That was all it took I was in love with the little crested fellow and made plans to pick him up the following day on my day off.

I had spent weeks, months and years reading a learning about caring for pigs and knew what I needed to have. I pulled all of the items I would need and set them aside ready for me to come in to pay for them and adopt my new piggy.

When I went in to adopt my pig, I was so excited I could sing!! I quickly paid for all of my items, the biggest cage the best food, hay and bedding I could get. I asked my friend for my pig and she returned with the little fellow. While filling out the adoption paperwork, I made note of the "Reason for adoption: Head Tilt" on the paper work and giggled a bit. I got the piggy and my things into my car and headed home. My dogs were excited when they saw me enter the house with pet store bags and were curious what the big box was. I place them in the bedroom and set to put my new cage together that would house my head tilt pig. After all was ready, I place piggy into the cage. He ran from hay rack to bowl to veggies bowl popcorning unsure what to eat first and what to do with all the space and new shiny toys, he soon also met our gentle giant puppy Howley.


Now to decide on a name....

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