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Post   » Fri Aug 27, 2021 7:57 pm

Their coloring is almost exactly the same. Kahlua has a little more white fur on his neck.

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Post   » Mon Sep 06, 2021 2:48 am

I've now earned enough trust from Buttercup and all 4 of the babies for them to take food from my hand. Muffin is so skiddish that I thought I'd never get her to trust me, but she does. She's still very skiddish but getting better. The slightest noise and she runs for the shelter of the tunnel. Only difference is now she comes right back out, whereas before it took several minutes for her to get up the courage.

Ruffles has always been a real outgoing pig. She's apprehensive about being picked up, not much else. She and Muffin both like to sit on top of the pipe, but Ruffles usually wins that argument. She an Abby for sure. She's got the Abby character and personality. The other 3 little ones are content to sit when I hold them, but she likes to climb around on me and explore.

The boys, Kahlua and Jack are also doing well. They wheek louder than any guinea pig I've ever had. They too like the top of their house. Unlike the baby girls, they are content to take turns or share it. Kahlua is particularly crafty when it comes to veggies. I always give them a piece of lettuce by hand before I dump the bowl in the cage, so he gets extra pieces by taking the one I give him and putting it under the hut. Then he comes back for another. Nobody can convince me that guinea pigs aren't smart.

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Post   » Mon Sep 06, 2021 6:54 am

It's nice to hear how they are doing! I do have to say, I always valued trust highly. For some little animals it is such a gift and is the thing I remember the most.

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Post   » Mon Sep 06, 2021 8:36 pm

Because of you and this forum, I've learned to value the trust of all my pets. I always strive to earn it, even before joining here because nothing makes me feel bad as much as having them afraid of me. I just didn't appreciate it the way I do now, so thank you for that.

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Post   » Sat Oct 23, 2021 4:27 am

I will be posting about Muffin and Ruffles along with Buttercup on this thread rather than making a new one for the baby girls. What a trio they are. I don't think Buttercup was much older than a year when I got her. I'm only guessing based in her size and her activities. Having two little ones in with her seems to be working out. They run around together, which is something that the older guinea pigs don't do nearly as much as Buttercup and her 5 month old companions. Being their mother has made her the matriarch of the cage. She plays with them a lot, but she keeps them in line too.

Muffin is still the smallest, but don't let her small size fool you. She holds her own when it comes to the food, water and the coveted spot on top of the tunnel. Shes a fast little thing too. Its hard to hold her because she runs without any warning. She'll run right up my chest and over the back of the chair before I can catch her, so I make sure she has a blanket to get under and that keeps her from doing that so far. She's skiddish as can be, but she comes up to the front of the cage to take food from me. She runs to the tunnel after she takes it, if I put a finger through the cage for her to sniff or if I open the door. I know from experience that she and the other girls will get over that eventually.

Ruffles is the bravest of the 3. She hangs out in the open and doesn't run unless I open the cage door. She sits still when I hold her and is the easiest one to pick up. She's the only one of the 4 babies who purrs when I pet her. Quite the little Abby character, that one. She is also the only one of the three who doesn't run to the tunnel to eat the food or treats she takes from my hand. She gobbles it down and begs for more. She would probably be ok without a place to hide, although I don't deprive any of my guinea pigs of that. Maybe some of her bravery will rub off on her mom and sister.

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Post   » Sat Oct 23, 2021 11:44 am

I've had to reread the whole thread & compare notes with our babies. Our runt is still the smallest but the most assertive.

Buttercup & babies sound like they're doing great!

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