Aminophylline (Theophylline, Theo-Dur, etc.)


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Unbelievable amounts of med info in there. You´d actually be surprised.

Where´s the arthritis located?

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Osteoarthritis. We posted/edited at the same time.


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You might consider high frequency ultrasound treatments as long as it isn´t in the hocks - too small. Also light laser treatments can help.

Soot has Arthritis in her shoulder, knee and hocks. She could barely walk before the ultrasound treatments. Now she´s running. Badly, but running none the less. My vet couldn´t believe the improvement in her.

We took the xrays to the physical therapist so she knew where to concentrate the head of the ultrasound machine. She also called the vet to get more details for treating.

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I think you´ve mistaken something I´ve said. The meloxicam (NSAID) is for the asthma. My sow does not have arthritis, the NSAID is just marketed in the human fields for arthritis. NSAIDS have many different effects and the anti-inflammatory action may indeed help with her asthma. Especially when paired with a bronchodilator.


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Nope - meloxicam is used for arthritis up here specifically for dogs. Saw the container myself. No sign that it´s an asthma drug. How could it be if it using it on an asthmatic was contraindicated????? We are talking about the same drug, right?

I did think your sow had arthritis when you started looking into meloxicam.

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Apparently meloxicam isn´t available for animals in the States. Tiramissou had her first dose today. Hopefully it will work better for her than the Rimadyl.

Zag got another shot of Dex today. Sounds better but is still breathing heavily. The vet said it´s still mucous blocking her airways and interfering with her take-up of oxygen.

On Monday she goes back to 1/2 of a Dex tablet twice a week for 10 days.


Josephine - can you check my thread on griseofulvin?
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It´s an NSAID. Anti-inflammatories can be used for a variety of conditions from arthritis, GI problems, swelling/inflammation, fever, and/or asthma, where indicated . Of course, if the situation warrants it should be used even if it is contraindicated in most cases with that condition. It has to be judged case-by-case. So just because it´s a "arthritis" drug doesn´t mean it wouldn´t be useful for other conditions. I´m just not sure when and where the line should be drawn on this one. I have to wait until Monday to see what we´re doing for Nellie.

Yeah, I´ll check out the topic.
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Excellent results with Tiramissou. The vet was very impressed in the difference in her. On the 18th she couldn´t climb into her basket and wouldn´t even try. Today at the vets she got in by herself. She dragged her hocks over the edge but still managed to get in.

She´d been on Rimadyl since August with no real improvements.

The vet said it´s common with dogs to respond better to a different arthritis med even if it is in the same med family.

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Nellie has been on Terbutaline, 1/2 mg BID. It is definitely helping a lot. I am currently weaning her off of the steroids and going to using the Terbutaline alone. There is such a difference in her breathing.

I got the local pharmacy for humans to compound the Terbutaline. It cost me about $19 for 30 day´s worth (30 mls of 1 mg/mL suspension). They were able to compound it the same day.


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BID is once a day? Or twice?

Zag isn´t doing well. She got a virus that went to pneumonia and we´re playing it day by day. The vet feels she is doing better but we´re relying on oxygen to give her the strength to eat. She seems to need less and less as the days go by which is good. We put the travel basket in a giant clear garbage bag and feed her oxygen from a portable tank with the tube close to her snout until she pinks up. She gets a humidifier at night that helps a lot. In the morning her colour is not too bad.

She´s on 12.5 mg baytril twice a day along with Doxycycline, 5 mg/kg twice a day plus her fortekor, Lasix and Terbutaline. We discontinued the Optimune for now since it isn´t necessary for her survival. She seemed to turn the corner with the baytril but she was so bad off the vet is going for aggressive drug therapy. Ordinarily the vet wouldn´t use Doxy and baytril at the same time but in this case she had nothing to lose.

Zag had been getting daily subcues with a Reglan shot (xray showed decreased lung capacity and air in stomach and intestines) but today, her weight was good and she seemed hydrated enough to go without.

Hard to know if she´ll pull thru. She has 2 strikes against her with the asthma and the bad heart.

Really day by day.

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SID= every 24 hours (daily)

BID= every 12 hours (twice daily)

TID= every 8 hours (three times daily)

QID= every 6 hours (four times daily)

Sometimes we also use q24h, q12h, etc.

I´m so disappointed to hear that Zag isn´t doing well. She´s certainly a fighter.


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Saturday at the vet, her heart rate was up 280-300. Wasn´t stress because that´s the first time it´s been high and she´s used to the vet. She´s on 1mg propranolol twice a day to bring it down. Today her heart rate was down to 240. The vet wants it down to 220 so she stays on the propranolol til Fri.

Each day she requires less and less oxygen - so far today she hasn´t had any and yesterday she just had one session.

She is spunkier but it´s harder to keep her weight on. Trying to keep her at 2 lb. 2 1/2 oz. but she goes to 2 lbs. very easy.

Another 8 days on doxy. Baytril continues. And she gets Reglan daily to deal with the air she´s swallowing.

Still day-by-day.


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We lost Zag today. She recovered from the pneumonia(xray showed clear lungs) but her heart finally gave out.

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I´m sorry to hear that.


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I´m so sorry. She was a brave little pig.

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Sorry to hear about Zag, Pinta.

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