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Post   » Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:04 pm

5lbs 22.53 on Amazon, 19.99 on website for Small Pet Select.4.95 shipping.
4.5 lbs 17.89 Sherwood on Amazon.
5lbs 10.19 on Chewy Baby Guinea Pig Oxbow
5lbs 11.04 on Chewy Adult Guinea Pig Oxbow
5lbs 16:86 plus shipping 14.43 shipping USPS or 15.10 UPS at Farmer Dave
5 lbs 7:00 plus shipping 10:50 for KMS
I get free shipping at Amazon and Chewy so prices are very different. I paid more to ship my order on KMS than I paid for product. That was my point. Nowhere did I say I needed it to be free. Major brands use volume and shipping does cost them less. I used to sell things on eBay so i know what shipping costs. What is on the postage label is not what it costs. I do know a little about commercial prices and that which the big companies get. I did take marketing in university. If they offer free shipping, I take it. As for comparisons in cost, your point about them being cheaper is off for a store though I am thinking Walmart, Petsmart or Petco. Those stores carry mostly junk pellets other than Oxbow so KMS doesn’t compete with those. It competes with healthier choices (fresher). Looking at the total that is what you are paying for the product not 7 dollars but 17.50. Shipping a priority flat rate box is 13.65. 7.20 is a smaller box but I don’t think it will fit. They give you the box at USPS. A box a store buys is under a dollar when they buy in bulk. My point is the shipping costs are a bit inflated in their pricing because large operations get shipping deals that are coming out of their other not bulk shippers for the businesses who ship. I used the 5lb price because that was what I paid for all the ones I have purchased and some I considered. I am more concerned about the soy in the pellets than the cost. I will take savings where I can find it but I am not cheap. My piggies (cats and hamster) health comes first. Prices on shipping keep going up. It won’t get better. If I pay for shipping instead of getting it free for buying more items that I would buy anyway, it won’t get passed along to others. I know I am paying for it when I buy things from smaller places that don’t get deals by bulk deals and regional shipping centers. I know about economics. It is set up for the big companies and not for the little ones which is why I stopped selling online.

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Post   » Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:48 am

Yeah, I have to order double just to equal the shipping costs from KMS. I'll use the stuff, but the pellets will no longer be as fresh. Hay is ok, I'll use that fairly quickly. My problem with that is where to store it.

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